IPad: Tim Cook “We have some interesting things to come for the tablet”

Techno 20 February, 2017

For those who already imagine the disappearance of the iPad, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook wanted to make things clear: interesting things are coming for the tablet!
The tablets are not too popular at the moment. The fault of smartphones with screens always bigger, always more powerful and full of features! Yet Tim Cook decided not to abandon the famous iPad which despite a decline in sales remains number one . The big boss of Apple has decided to bet all on the latter by proposing very heavy in the months (and years?) To come at its financial conference of Q1 2017. Tim Cook used the opportunity to declare “We have Interesting things to come for the tablet and I’m optimistic about the direction of things . ” Apple fans will be reassured by this statement!
Rumors are already evoking a new tablet coming up for the next quarter. Apple would take advantage of it for a full face refacing of the iPad, which can turn into Nintendo Switch , with a larger screen and an even more powerful processor. The whole would be accompanied by a camera with impressive capacity (even if taking pictures with is not necessarily very practical). And if Apple finally decided to put an end to the range of iPad tablets in the face of insufficient sales? This possibility is obviously not to be excluded but it would be a pity that a product so well thought out can not find its audience! What do you think of Tim Cook’s promise?