Apple: Unicode 10.0 comes with 56 new emojis!

Techno 21 June, 2017

Good news for the fans of smileys: Apple should be endowed with 56 new emojis coming from Unicode 10.0!
This is one of the news that will please many aficionados of keyboards made in Apple! Unicode 10.0 should soon land and with it, beautiful promises. And for good reason, this update will allow users to have 56 new emojis that will serve to further decorate the textual exchanges . A little more, we admit, that is fun and which Apple should enjoy for his iPhone 8 (whose borderless design and TouchID may have been confirmed in a photo) . The firm will be able to work these new emojis visible below to integrate them to its keyboard.
We will not lie, the announcement of new emojis, it is always pleasant. Already because they allow to give style to the message but also have entered the popular culture. It is simple: diversions of emotions, one finds everywhere ! The latter become even real delusions on social networks. With the presence of messaging systems such as Whatsapp or Snapchat, rappers like Booba put themselves there with his Emojizi that one could test . Of course, it remains to be seen when these new Unicode emojis will land. And especially when Apple will benefit its users … What do you think?