IPad, external battery, speaker … The 5 essential for a weekend between buddies!

Techno 1 May, 2017

The sun begins to lay down its luggage. And who says good weather says weekend between bros. Between the iPad, the speaker and the battery, here are the essential for a escapade between friends.
In this period of holidays and long weekends, we can finally dedicate ourselves to one of our favorite activities: the weekend between friends. If we all want to board a plane to go to Barcelona or count the number of Bikini in the Bahamas, a chestnut subject comes back to the table: What are we taking with us? Between the iPad, the nomad enclosure or, the external battery, here are the essentials that must absolutely have in your bag for an oklm trip between friends.
It’s a secret: our high-tech devices can not all fit into our bag. So you have to sort and select the must-have of your products. MeltyStyle offers a few must-haves for a perfect travel bag. First, the iPad 2017 should meet all your expectations . Whether it’s watching a movie between bros, looking for good deals or shopping from the bed, the tablet is a must-have. If you want to know more about Apple’s latest cheap apple tablet, you can read our iPad 2017 test.
When you’re on weekends, you’re often away from electrical outlets. As a result, you can not charge your smartphone unless you buy an external battery. And this game, this battery signed Epow has everything to please you. Thanks to its rather fine size, it can accompany you everywhere and can recharge up to 2 times your cell phone. It is marketed here, about twenty euros. & Nbsp;
Being between bros is also listening to the good zik ‘. And for this, you have to have a nomad enclosure of good quality. If you’re afraid to wet it or if you’re just going to venture near the water, you’d better get the Wonderboom from Ultimate Ears , which cost less than 100 euros should make you happy. But if you are looking for a powerful enclosure, the Riva S should impress you.