After the MacBook Pro 2017, iFixit dismounts the iPad Pro 10.5 “

Techno 15 June, 2017

After the new MacBook Pro, iFixit specialists tackled the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The site has noticed a lot of differences compared to the 9.7-inch version. And here is their verdict!
Just released, the iPad Pro of 10.5 inches made a little turn to the experts of iFixit who gave a bad note to the MacBook Pro 2017 . After dismantling the new head tablet, the site has noticed many differences from the 9.7 inches and even from the 12.9 inches. But there is no big surprise. The Cupertino firm has kept the same layout for the components of its shelf . But if the new iPad Pro is easily removed, it will be necessary to go through Apple to remount or repair it.
For each product disassembled by iFixit , the site give a rating (out of 10) to evaluate the complexity of repairs, a “Repairability Score” . And like the MacBook Pro 2017, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro inherits a bad rating. IFixit gives it the score of 2/10. And since the screen of the tablet head is fixed with glue and its battery is on aluminum, it is impossible to repair the new iPad Pro without going through Apple. And yet, this tablet has enough to make you zapper your MacBook Pro.