AirPods: Be careful not to lose your iPhone or Android smartphone!

Techno 16 January, 2017

The range of AirPods is excellent. But be careful not to be bewitched by the music on these headphones really wireless, you risk to misplace or even forget your iPhone or Android smartphone! Explanations.
Apple is revolutionizing the wireless world with these AirPods. These earphones (completely wireless) are easy to use and very powerful thanks to the W1 chip designed by Apple. The resistance of these earphones to interference is even one of the best on the market. But the practical side of the AirPods also has disadvantages. These headphones, which have become the patrons of the wireless market only a month after discharge, know to be forgotten in our ears. A trump card that can also play funny tricks with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

AirPods are compatible with Android smartphones
The smallness and lightness of these headphones allows us to easily slip them into our ears. Only by listening to music, we can quickly forget them, literally, in our ears, since they give us the impression of surfing on the Kinto-in (the famous magic cloud of Goku). (read our test AirPods with iOS and Android devices) . And wireless requires, you do not necessarily have your iPhone in your pocket. Given the very good range of AirPods , it is clear that one can easily forget our Android smartphone or your iPhone , on a table or other. You have to be vigilant and keep your phone at hand. In any case, you will have been warned!