AirPods: The microphone, true weak point of the Apple wireless earphones

Techno 4 August, 2017

Since their release at the end of 2016, the AirPods are not very accessible. Their availability is limited in the shops but if you have the opportunity to test these wireless headphones, you will probably regret the quality of their microphone.

At the time of these written lines, the delivery time of the AirPods are always as long. Huge commercial success or production difficulties? A bit of both, no doubt. These headphones are, in any case, the happiness of the drafting for several months. Thanks to their smallness and the W1 chip of Apple, AirPods are very effective. But even if I’m in love with these earphones, I can also find faults. If a lot of these gaps have been filled with the likable BeatsX , I still remain an absolute fan of the AirPods. On the other hand, I hate their microphone!

The AirPods are perfect, but their microphone is indecent
As soon as there is a lot of ambient noise, making a phone call from the AirPods becomes really complicated. The microphone becomes very average, as if talking from a chasm. Worse, the EirPods, the big brothers of AirPods, have a more efficient microphone. It is a shame given the final quality of the last “toy” of the Cupertino firm. It is hoped that Apple is well aware of this, and that it will do whatever is necessary to improve the quality of the microphone of these wireless headphones. But in the meantime, the design of the iPhone 8 becomes more precise in the biggest calms.