Aleppo: more bombing since midnight, announced a truce

International 15 December, 2016

According to information that has been collected from residents Europe 1, there was no shelling of Aleppo tonight.

Fragile hope for peace for the people of Aleppo. Thursday morning, a new truce came into force as an organ of the Lebanese Hazbollah and a new agreement was reached to allow the evacuation of the rebels.

Hezbollah announced a truce. Thursday morning, a military communications unit of the Lebanese Hezbollah announced that a truce came into effect Thursday in Aleppo and is the evacuation of armed rebels could begin “in the coming hours.” “Intense exchanges between the parties involved in the negotiations leading to the consolidation of the cease-fire for the escape of armed combatants of the Eastern districts in the coming hours,” said a statement from the newspaper. The Lebanese Shiite movement fighting alongside Syrian government forces are poised to seize fully the largest city in northern Syria.

According to doctors locally joined by Europe 1, there was no bombing of Aleppo since midnight.

An initial truce flouted. The agreement reached Tuesday , led by Moscow and Ankara would allow the discharge of the insurgents and thousands of hungry and desperate to get out of the grip areas still under rebel civilians. But violence has flared up Wednesday morning after a break of several hours, pushing the terrified inhabitants to flee in search of shelter. Many of the wounded were in the street when the air raids of the regime continued in the afternoon. The Russian ally President Bashar al-Assad accused the rebels of having started hostilities again, while the sponsor of the opposition, Turkey, blamed the regime’s troops and their allies.

Reached by Europe 1 on Wednesday evening, the resident described the incessant bombardment that rained on Aleppo. “Now the regime uses fighter planes and bombs munitions, twelve we had these shells fell in half an hour. Many people in the streets are dead or wounded and no one can help them,” he says.

The suspended discharge. The bus twenties who were to handle evacuees Wednesday remained stationed in the government sector of Salaheddine. Thousands of people had waited in vain yet to go up there in the cold and rain. Wednesday night, rebel groups have announced a new agreement that would allow the evacuation of wounded Thursday morning and civilian neighborhoods in Aleppo they control yet, but this information was denied by a source close to the Syrian regime. “About 100,000 people are still trapped in an area of 5 km squares” in Aleppo, according to Médecins du Monde.

A timid international mobilization. In Paris, several hundred people gathered in support of victims of Aleppo and the Eiffel Tower was symbolically extinguished at 20h and remained overnight. Other demonstrations in Istanbul and Kuwait, for example, were organized. But they do not gather more than two thousand people.