All electric cars for sale in Quebec

Avto 14 February, 2018
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    Everyone has heard about electric cars, but too few people really know the models to which we refer when we talk about this kind of cars.

    Question to keep you updated, here is the list of 11 100% electric vehicles currently offered by the country.


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    BMW i3


    The little i3 is a worthy representative of BMW in this market is still young as is that of electric motor vehicles. BMW also offers a variant with a gasoline engine built-in which can take over once the battery is flat. For 2018, a new variant a more sporty, i3s, is also added to the range.

    Basic price: 48 750 $
    Electrical autonomy: 201 miles


    Chevrolet Bolt


    The Chevrolet Bolt has created quite a buzz during its launch. With a range well over 300 miles and a price all in all reasonable, the Bolt represents a big step forward towards the democratisation of the electric car.

    Base price: 45 $145 per
    Electrical autonomy: 383 km


    Ford Focus Electric


    Ford offers an electric model of the Focus since a few years already. And even if it did not bring any change to 2018, Ford has pushed up its price to over 6000 $, from $ 29 – $ 403 2017 34 998 $ in 2018. With a model of aging and a limited range to 185 miles, the price is hardly justifiable.

    Base price: 34 998 $
    Electrical autonomy: 185 km


    Hyundai Ioniq


    The Ioniq, this new model released by Hyundai, is offered with three types of engines of different types: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric. In its electric model, the Ioniq can travel approximately 200 miles before needing a recharge.

    Base price: 35 649 $
    Electrical autonomy: 200 km


    Kia Soul EV


    Few people know this, but the Kia Soul is offered as an alternative to fully electric. Apart from its engine and some aesthetic details, the Soul EV looks like two drops of water to the other versions of the model. Able to travel up to 179 miles with a load, the electric vehicle of Kia is offered from 37 to 470 $ for 2018.

    Base price: 37 470 $
    Electrical autonomy: 179 km


    Nissan Leaf


    Completely renewed by 2018, the Nissan Leaf now offers a range of 242 miles, courtesy of a new battery of 40 kWh. And if this still isn’t enough for you, Nissan plans to unveil a version with extended range within a few months.

    Base price: 35 998 $
    Electrical autonomy: 242 km


    Smart Fortwo


    At Smart, we took the decision to completely abandon the gasoline engines. The Fortwo, the only model of the brand available in North America, is now a vehicle strictly electric. Even if the autonomy official has not yet been announced, it is expected that it is approximately 160 kilometres. The Smart Fortwo is also available in both cabriolet. It is also the only electric vehicle convertible in the country.

    Base price: 29 050 $
    Electrical autonomy: 160 km


    Tesla Model S


    Much has been said about the Tesla Model S. Almost become the symbol of all electric cars, the sedan california has evidently more in need of presentations. At the same time luxurious, powerful and very autonomous, the Model S has it all. Aside from its price, which is close to 100 000 $… Only available with a gear-train, four-wheel drive, the Model S is sold as the variants 75D, 100D and P100D.

    Base price: 96 us $650
    Electrical autonomy: 416 to 507 km


    Tesla Model X


    SUVS are popular, and even the world of electric vehicles is no exception. Tesla understood this well and proves it with the release of the Model X. Like the Model S, the Tesla Model X is available in variants 75D, 100D and P100D. And as the Model S, it is not given…

    Base price: 110 200 $
    Electrical autonomy: 381 to 465 km


    Tesla Model 3


    Tesla has not yet started the delivery of the first Model 3 with us, but we are promised that it will be in the next few months. Its price and its autonomy, officials are still unknown in Canada, but we are talking about a bill which should be around $ 45,000 and can go about 350 miles in one charge.

    Base price: Still unknown
    Electrical autonomy: About 350 miles


    Volkswagen e-Golf


    With Volkswagen, the electric model of the Golf is available from 36 355 $ and offers an autonomy of 201 miles. As the Golf in essence, she is a credit to the heritage of Volkswagen in offering a fun to drive hard to beat.

    Base price: 36 355 $
    Electrical autonomy: 201 km

    Only full electric vehicles have been retained in this list. The prices shown above are those displayed by the car manufacturers at the time of posting. These are subject to change and do not include taxes or the financial assistance granted by the Québec government in the framework of the program Drive electric.