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Avto 23 February, 2018
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    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 14:55

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 14:55

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    Among the 20 vehicles sold in Quebec in 2017, there are four pickups. The Ford F-Series is classified, without surprise, in the first rank.

    The popularity of this type of vehicle within the province, is undeniable. Here are all the ones that are sold in Quebec now ranked in order of increasing prices.

    Nissan Frontier


    Offered standard with a four-cylinder 2.5 L, the Frontier is available with a V-4.0 L. depending on the version chosen, the bill can easily amount to 40 000$. If you’re looking for modernity, you might be disappointed since the Frontier is very aging.
    Base price : 23 998$

    Chevrolet Colorado


    Although the base price is attractive, it is more than the$ 48,000 he would have to pay for the version that is most exciting, is the zr2 tremolo. Under the hood, there is a choice of a four-cylinder 2.5-litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel 2.8 L or a V6 3.6 L.
    Base price : 24 755$

    GMC Canyon


    A little more expensive than the Colorado which is virtually identical to it, the Canyon is available with the same powertrains as its equivalent sold under the banner of Chevrolet. A format is relatively compact, it ranks in the category of pick-ups intermediate.
    Base price : 25 455$

    Ford F-Series


    If it is the pickup the most sold year after year, it is not for nothing. In addition to its many qualities, the F-150 can boast to be the full-size truck is the most affordable in Quebec. Read our full test here. For 2018, an all-new engine is added to the catalogue : V6 turbo diesel 3.0 L.
    Base price : 30 649$



    The Ram 1500 current travels its final miles. At the motor show in Detroit in January, Ram gave its 1500 2019. The price of this last is not yet known and it has not arrived at the dealership. For 2018, three engines are offered : V6, 3.6 L, V6 Ecodiesel 3.0 L and V8 Hemi 5.7 L. The variations on 2500 and 3500 models are available.
    Base price : 32 470$

    GMC Sierra


    Almost its twin, the Sierra is slightly cheaper than the Silverado. Last year, he has sold nearly 13 000 in Quebec, compared to just under 8000 Silverado. Of series, it comes with a V6 4.3 L.
    Base price : 33 020$

    Toyota Tacoma


    Although he belongs to the category of pickups interim, the base price of the Tacoma is similar to that of pick-ups full-size. One thing is for certain, its reliability, proven for a long time, makes it score points. Of series, we find a four-cylinder 2.7 L. V6, the 3.5 L is also offered.
    Base price : 33 184

    Chevrolet Silverado


    Available in three versions (the 1500, 2500, 3500), the Silverado can tow up to 10 569 kilograms thanks to the V8 turbo diesel 6.6 L, which generates a torque 910 lb-ft. For 2019, the Chevrolet will be a change of generation. Although this new pickup was unveiled last December, its price is not known, and it is not yet arrived the dealership.
    Base price : 33 190$

    Nissan Titan


    Introduced in 2016, the Titan has the heavy task of competing with the pickups full-size americans. A V8 turbodiesel Cummins 5.0 L is available. The latter develops an impressive torque of 555 lb-ft and can tow up to 5443 pounds.
    Base price : 35 498$

    Honda Ridgeline


    The Ridgeline second generation can only be powered by the V6 3.5 L. Its towing capacity stands at 2268 kilograms. Its safe loading hidden under the floor of the box is a real asset.
    Base price : 37 290$

    Toyota Tundra


    Representative of the pickups and full-size at Toyota, the Tundra is also banking on its reliability. A choice of two V8 engines are offered : 4.6 L with 310 horsepower and the 5.7 L 381 horsepower.
    Base price : 42 074$

    Ford Ranger


    The Ranger 2019 has not yet arrived, but it is so excited to see that it was included. It will be led by a four-cylinder Ecoboost 2.3 L which will be paired with an automatic transmission to ten relationships. It is hoped that the version Raptor will be marketed in the country.
    Base price : unknown