An electric car to 400 miles of range at Hyundai as of this year

Avto 29 March, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 15:24

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 15:24

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    There will be a new electric car sold in Quebec by the end of the year. And with a battery life estimated at 400 kilometers, you may hear about often.

    After months of rumors, Hyundai has finally confirmed that the Kona electric will be fine and well marketed in North America.


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    If it reaches, in fact, the autonomy of 400 miles announced by the manufacturer, the Kona electrified exceed the 383 miles of the Chevrolet Bolt, currently recognized as the electric car “affordable”. Only the models of Tesla, much more expensive, has more to offer in Canada.

    Hyundai has not yet confirmed the price for the Kona electric in Canada, but one might logically expect something that is competitive with the Chevrolet Bolt, sold from 45 145$. As with the Bolt, the government of quebec will provide financial assistance of$ 8,000 to the buyers of this car.

    Hyundai Kona electric 2019


    A funny muzzle

    Very similar to the new Hyundai Kona gasoline that has just arrived at dealers, the Kona electric stand out by replacing its grille with a huge bumper.

    Hyundai Kona electric 2019


    The wheels, designed for better aerodynamics, also differ from those of the Kona regular. For the rest, Hyundai has not too broken head.

    Inside, we got rid of the up transmission traditional to replace it by a button, installed on an imposing center console. Above, a screen floating touch incorporates an infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Hyundai Kona electric 2019


    Autonomy, but also of the power

    With its lithium-ion battery 64 kWh, the Kona electric will surely make his or her autonomy of 400 kilometers on his horse of battle.

    Except that with 201-horsepower and 291 pound-feet of torque, it may be also rather fun to drive. This makes it the most efficient version of the Kona. Even with its turbocharged 1.6-liter available as an option, the Kona gasoline is no better than 175 horsepower and 195 pound-feet.

    Hyundai Kona electric 2019


    On a charging station level 2, the Hyundai Kona can be to find a complete autonomy after 9 hours and 50 minutes of charging. With a terminal fast of level 3, it can reach 80% of its charge in 55 minutes.

    The Kona electric will arrive at dealers in Quebec towards the end of the year 2018 and will be sold as a 2019 model.