An iPhone 7 explodes (again) in China, fault the battery?

Techno 7 April, 2017

New explosion of an iPhone 7 in China! According to the employee of an Apple Store, the battery would be responsible.
A few weeks ago, meltyStyle was sharing the video of the explosion of an iPhone 6 Plus in a repair shop . There was the Apple smartphone emitting smoke, before squarely detonating. But the iPhone 6 Plus is not the only one affected by these incidents … This is also the case of the iPhone 7, where several cases of explosions have already been recorded. The last one took place in China and more particularly in Suquian City, in a young woman named Yin. She found her iPhone 7 black matte 32 GB completely carbonized, while it was charging. No, Samsung is not the only one concerned about battery problems.
After putting his iPhone 7 to load on his night table, Yin left his residence to aerate, as Phonandroid relays . But when she came back, she heard a detonation and found her smartphone completely HS. According to the employee of the Apple Store in which she visited, the explosion of the iPhone 7 would be linked to the battery, as was the case of the Galaxy Note 7 last summer . The loader (original or not) may have accelerated the process. Fortunately, no one was injured, and Yin received a new copy of Apple’s smartphone. There is only hope that the latter does not fire, so that it can enjoy the app Clips that the American giant has just launched .