An opportunity to climb the leaderboard for the Impact

Avto 3 July, 2017

Photo: Nathan Denette, The canadian Press
The Impact could easily find themselves in a better position if the team had been better able to finish the matches.

With two games to go before the mid-season, the Montreal Impact has a nice opportunity to leave the shallows of the ranking of the association Is.


The Impact (4-5-6) will host the D. C. United (5-9-3) at Saputo stadium on Saturday, in a duel between two of the worst training Is.


“It is an important match that we must win,” said defender Kyle Fisher earlier this week. We are at the tail end of the pack, but we have two games in hand on D. C. This is a great opportunity to make a step forward, collecting the three points. “


The Impact could easily find themselves in a better position if the team had been better able to finish the matches. The troupe Mauro Biello has conceded 9 of their 33 goals in the last quarter of hour of game, in all competitions. On these nine goals, three have allowed the opponent to get a draw and the other three have allowed the opponent to win. Another goal was scored in a comeback of two goals from the Seattle Sounders beginning of the campaign. Only two of the nine goals had no impact on the result.


“This is something that we know we need to improve, has recognized Biello. It is necessary to live these moments and know how to close the games. “


“It is not easy to reproduce these situations in training, but we need to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The eleven players must know when we need to protect the advance, when we need to hold the ball, when we need to send the ball forward. “


A championship eluded


Once again, the Impact has escaped the final of the canadian Championship, Tuesday, when the star of Toronto FC’s Sebastian Giovinco has played the hero with a goal in stoppage time. Fisher had a ringside seat when a change of Ballou Tabla in the middle of the field, has enabled the LCCS to launch a quick attack through a defensive ” survival mode “.


“It’s a team effort, said Fisher. Our mentality must improve.We need to better manage the match and keep control of the pace of the meeting. We also tend to back too much, play too deep. We need to dictate the game defensively. “


Saturday, the Impact will on its field the worst offense of the circuit Garber, whereas the United has to move the rope only 12 times in 17 games.


“We need to prepare like we do every game,” recalled Fisher. The teams in a bad position get wasted every match. We’re going to have to avoid errors and to dictate the encounter. “


After this appointment, the Impact will travel to Houston to face the Dynamo, on 5 July, in what will mark the mid-season training in montreal. Subsequently, the Blue-white-black will pick up the collar only on the 19th of July, with a lightning visit to Ottawa on 12 July, for a friendly match against the Fury.


“We want the three points to revive the season, said Biello. The group is not far away. We expect the performance to confirm all of this. “


“We have two important matches ahead of us, and then a pause that will allow the world to recover. We have a few injured, but nothing too serious, except for [Ambroise] Oyongo. If we do well Saturday, and then we go on with a good performance in Houston, we will have then time for us to rest and come back strong for the second half of the season. “