An SUV from Ferrari?

Avto 8 July, 2017
  • Jacques Duval

    Frédéric Mercier

    Friday, July 7 2017 08:51

    Friday, July 7 2017 08:51

    Look at this article

    After years of denying the rumor, Ferrari would have now decided to bring to market the first SUV in its history.

    At least that is what reports Car Magazine, a media specialized in automotive, which ensures that the SUV Italian could see the light of day in 2021.

    We still have very few details about the technical specifications of this model potential, but Car Magazine claims that there will be animated by a hybrid drive, like the Lamborghini Urus, the SUV that the manufacturer of Sant’agata promises us for years.

    The SUV Ferrari, known for now by the code name F16X, could be built from the same bases as the GTC4, a hatchback is already offered by Ferrari.


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    An inevitable trend

    Ferrari may be a manufacturer of sports cars, but one can understand his desire to begin in the niche of SUVS. After all, this is what the consumers buy, and other brands have already made the choice to build a vehicle of this kind.

    Porsche has made the leap in 2003 by launching the Cayenne. There are many purists who are offended at the time, but the sales figures are clear. If Porsche is in as good financial health today, it is thanks to the Cayenne.

    And then, lo and Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and even Bentley now offer SEEN. And there are others who come, especially in Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce.

    Still, for a brand as prestigious as Ferrari, the arrival of an SUV, the risk of talking…