Android O: Google tackles its main black dot

Techno 22 May, 2017

The Google I / O tells us a little more about Android O. Many new features that target the main defect of the platform according to the geek chronicle.
The Google I / O has kept all its promises. The big mass of search engine developers took place this week, and was full of ads, like the arrival of Google Assistant in French . Among these, Android O has occupied a prominent place. The next version of the green robot now enters a new cycle of beta, and its novelties become clearer. In the program ? The mobile OS will have the right to notifications always practical, many improvements in security, emojis per hundred, as well as a new look. But with Android O, Google wants to tackle the main problem of its platform: fragmentation. A fight that dates back to yesterday, but goes on to top speed. And we can only rejoice according to the chronic geek.
A fight that dates back to yesterday
Fragmentation is a recurring problem with Android. It can be illustrated in a single figure: soon one year after its release, Android Nougat, tomorrow on the Xiaomi Mi 6 , is installed only on 7.1% of terminals in circulation. As a comparison, iOS 10 is present on 8 iPhone out of 10. Google has tried to make war on Samsung or HTC so that they update their smartphones more regularly, but without success. For several years now, it has developed “Play Services” . This software brick is updated independently of the system and allows to benefit from some new features. A welcome initiative, but that does not seem to be entirely suitable for Google. That’s why the search engine wants to move up the speed with Android O.
The main novelty to combat fragmentation is called Project Trebble . The latter facilitates the work of smartphone manufacturers by enabling them to adapt and deploy updates more easily and inexpensively. Google has indeed reduced to the maximum the work necessary to the arrival of a MAJ. If this holds all these promises, Android O could therefore quickly land on your Samsung Galaxy S8, already on promotion on Amazon ! But that’s not all ! The essential element of a phone, the emojis will be more regularly updated. By passing the technical details, they can be included directly by the developer within his application, without going through the system.
Fragmentation is indeed a recurring criticism against Android. Unlike iOS devices, smartphones equipped with Google’s operating system are less updated. So there are very few users to benefit from the latest news. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, had to wait nearly 4 months before receiving Android Nougat . IOS has a totally different operation, and the update is directly available on all compatible terminals. We thus understand better why Google book a real battle against the fragmentation of device equipped with the green robot with Android O . The end-user can only be pleased. What do you think ?