Another city opens the door for autonomous cars

Avto 27 February, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Tuesday, 27-feb-2018 13:05

    Tuesday, 27-feb-2018 13:05

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    If you are in the area of Miami, didn’t make the jump if you see funny cars travel on the roads.

    The Miami-Dade county, where Miami Beach and downtown Miami, has accepted that Ford does run a few autonomous vehicles within the framework of a pilot project that will last throughout the year.


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    The vehicles, Ford Fusion equipped with lidars and cameras on the roof, will be circulated by themselves in the streets of Miami. A person will still remain on board at all times in order to analyze their behavior and to intervene in case of need.



    Thanks to a partnership with the companies, Postmates, and Dominos’ Pizza, the Fusion self-serve delivery vehicles. Ford will use this opportunity to collect information about how people interact with such vehicles.

    By 2021, Ford intends to build a first autonomous vehicle without steering wheel or pedals. His great rival General Motors intends for its part to manufacture a similar vehicle as early as next year.



    And Quebec, in all of this?

    In Canada, Ontario remains the only province where autonomous vehicles accompanied by a driver have the right to move. From 2016, we can see this type of technology in action in the streets of Toronto.

    In Quebec, nothing concrete has been announced despite several discussions.


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    “Currently, we are putting in place pilot projects that we will soon present to the provincial government. You have to work fast and this is what we do currently,” explained Éric Alan Caldwell, head of the transport committee to the executive committee of the administration of Valerie Plant, in an interview with the Journal.