Another player hurt in the Alouettes

Avto 4 July, 2017

Photo: Jason Franson, The canadian Press
The most recent éclopé in the Alouettes is the half of corner Jonathon Mincy, who suffered a concussion.

The injury list lengthens within the tertiary of the Alouettes, which forces the coordinator to the defence Noel Thorpe to juggle with his staff, some of whom will not have seen a lot of action since the beginning of the campaign.


The most recent éclopé in the Alouettes is the half of corner Jonathon Mincy, who suffered a concussion during the fourth quarter of the game lost 23-19 at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday. It is guaranteed to miss the duel in the face of the Lions of British Columbia, on Thursday, at the stade Percival-Molson.


His name was added to those of Travis Hawkins and Greg Henderson, not to mention that Anthony Sarao has not been used this season. Add to this the name of the linebacker Chip Cox, who suffered a knee contusion in the meeting Friday. The veteran should, however, be in uniform Thursday, and Thorpe plans to use it as a half-defensive.


“You don’t control the injuries, has philosophized Thorpe, after training, the Alouettes, on Tuesday, at the olympic Stadium. Knowing this, we tried to build a training with the greater depth is possible according to the constraints imposed by the rules of the CFL. We are lucky : the players we have recalled, Donald Unamba son and Jalen Rodgers, had been released in training camp.


“The donation came in the game and has played two positions for us in Edmonton. It has been solid. It is to the credit of the players and how they prepare. From our side, we must ensure that they are ready when they are called in reinforcement. “


“For a guy who arrived a day or two before the game, it is very well managed,” said head coach Jacques Chapdelaine about Unamba. He had done well [to the camp]. He had been the victim of a number of players on the short side. “


That the players are ready to take over the way Onumba or Dominique Tovell have done in the last weeks also shows to what extent they are well prepared by Thorpe and his team. All the more that these new entrants do not have a task lean.