Another series that tears, they are strong these Amé … ah bah no it is not ricain

Cinema 27 March, 2017

Reflex, when a series has good reviews, it is assumed that it comes from the States. While this is not always the case.
Let us pay tribute to the little ones. To the outsiders. To David against Goliath. Without having similar means, these series gain to be known, therefore to be seen. And then it will change a bit, because it must be admitted that the majority of our series are stamped USA Go, change is now (it goes, we do not laugh a little …).
3% (Brazil)
A series launched by Netflix in Brazil, where the site has established itself, faithful to its habit (cf Marseille in France). In short, we see a society divided between the rich and the poor, clearly. It is also the subject of the plot: a selection is put in place in order to give a chance to young people (20 years old) despaired to join the Other Shore , that is to say the haves, the Privileged. Convened in a building, they chained the tests, individual or collective, mostly intellectuals. And only 3% of them will be chosen, the lucky ones elected. Hence the title! A series of anticipations, in Portuguese, with no crazy financial means, one is caught by the different characters, one discovers the past and motivations by flashback. Accuracy: When you pass on the other side,
Orphan Black (Canada)
Diving into science fiction, where a woman realizes she has multiple clones. In this case Sarah Manning, back in her city, who sees Beth, throw herself under a train. Yeah, not super cheer like business. Since she looked like two drops of water, Sarah assumed the identity of Beth. Before realizing that she has a flop of look-alikes … The “sisters” will then make common cause to understand their origins and what is framed. A rather dramatic subject that remains pleasant to follow given the complexity of the characters for whom our feelings evolve, the fine and intelligent humor, and the remarkable performance of the actress Tatiana Maslany who plays all the roles of sisters, with Brio. Change character, accents, make us forget that it is one and the same interpreter,
Public Enemy (Belgium)
This Belgian series, inspired by the Dutroux affair, does not aim at a faithful adaptation, but rather shows the arrival in the Ardennes of a murderer of children. After twenty years of jail, Guy Béranger wishes to pass his conditional in the abbey of Vielsart . Of course, this does not happen without a few eddies … The reaction of the inhabitants, the behavior of the inspector in charge of monitoring, the monks: all points of view are discussed. And when a girl disappears, it gets cold. And the characters surprise us, in every sense of the word. Secrets, false leads, revelations, it’s well written and captivating to watch.
Walk in the Shade (Canada)
Centered on the prison universe, however different from what one is accustomed to see. Because the plot here focuses on the rehabilitation of prisoners, their upstream work with dedicated professionals, including criminologists. Desiring glued to reality, the creators chose criminologists to 90% female, like Rachel . Which is going to be called into question following a hanging with a prisoner. The confrontations are just and realistic, the tension takes you by the throat, the emotions flock. A good series to subdue. The only challenge is to understand everything and to be done quickly with the accent of Quebec.
Cleverman (Australia and New Zealand)
So, that denounces! An Australian-New Zealand production that treats, in a roundabout way but not so much, the segregation of the Aborigines in Australia . Here represented by the Hairy, mutants chased, persecuted and imprisoned by humans, they evolve in a hostile environment and undergo deplorable conditions of life. To give a more fictional side to this political dystopia, creators inject fantasy with supernatural and mystical powers entrusted to Cleverman, the sage of the Hairy / Aborigines.
Trapped (Iceland)
There is much talk about Scandinavian detective novels, here is another part of this same talent with this Icelandic series composed of ten episodes of 52 minutes. Broadcast on France 2 last year, as a bonus, this one deserved well this honor. The plot takes place in a small port village where a body is found mutilated . The local police first blocked the occupants – and first suspects – of the ferry, before having to do it alone, following the arrival of a snow storm that prevents the arrival of Reykjavik reinforcements. As often, the secrets are numerous between the inhabitants, the characters are complex, the false tracks numerous. A kind of closed door very well conducted. Someone has already looked at them and loved them?