Apple: A designer imagines a MacBook with a full touch keyboard

Techno 7 April, 2017

And if the keyboard of the MacBook was entirely tactile? A designer gave life to this project with a series of 3D renderings.
A few days ago, meltyStyle told you that Apple was considering merging its MacBook with two other products . In the concept filed by the brand, the iPhone was used as a trackpad and the iPad as a screen. It was really innovative! But before realizing this project, the Cupertino firm could carry out another mission … Make the keyboard of its MacBook touch, for an (even more) optimized use. In the wake of the patents Apple originated, a designer imagined what the computer would look like with a touchpad instead of the trackpad and keyboard. We let you discover the 3D renderings that it has developed.
After integrating the TouchBar on its MacBook Pro, Apple could now tackle the keyboard … And it must be admitted, it would be quite stylish. On the renderings above, the traditional touches have given place to a huge touchscreen. The advantage? The ability to use its MacBook as a tablet, especially for drawing . Such a device would nevertheless require adaptation time, especially for users who are used to typing their texts without looking at their keyboard. Looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition, you can shopper a refurbished MacBook Pro 2016 on the Refurb Store . Seduced by these 3D renderings?