Apple encourages you to zap your old Android smartphone with its iPhone 7!

Techno 24 May, 2017

Apple wants to seduce Android users. To convince you to zap your old Galaxy S or Nexus, the Apple promotes its iPhone by updating the page “Switch” or “Switch to the iPhone”.
Apple drags without complicity Android fans. While its iPhone SE is leading a survey of American satisfaction , Apple has just updated the web page dedicated to the move to iPhone on its US website. At the time of writing, Apple has not launched an update for the French version, but it should not be long . On the US version , the California firm explains all the good reasons that will push you to zap your Android smartphone for an iPhone. And meltyStyle tells you more now!
Between the photographic capabilities of its headed smartphone and the features of the app Migrate to iOS, Apple is really promoting its iPhone . This campaign is also available via a series of spots that take the best features of the iPhone. And when you know that you can transfer your contacts easily from a terminal in iOS to the Nokia 3310 , you just want to give in to the temptation head. You then, rather iOS or Android?