Apple Park, the futuristic campus designed by Steve Jobs, will open in April!

Techno 23 February, 2017

After years of waiting, Apple is about to inaugurate the last big project of Steve Jobs: the Apple Park. This new campus will welcome Apple employees in April. Conferences and Keynotes would be scheduled at the Steve Jobs Theater!
Words, photographs and figures, and a teaser that recalls the videos published during the presentations of iPhone or MacBook . Yesterday, Apple ended several years of waiting! La Pomme finally unveiled its future campus in Cupertino, California. Named Apple Park, the future headquarters of Apple is the most far-reaching project led by the firm. It is also one of the last wishes of Steve Jobs who imagined the Apple Park “as a center of creativity and collaboration”. Apple Park transforms a vast expanse of asphalt into a green setting in the heart of the Santa Clara Valley.
This new campus is at the height of Apple version 2017 which has become the most valued company in the world thanks to the success of the iPhone (and the debacle of Samsung). “Steve’s vision for Apple extended well beyond the time he spent with us. He wanted Apple to be a hotbed of innovation for generations to come, “said Tim Cook , Apple’s CEO. Apple Park will also include a visitor reception area, with an Apple Store and a publicly accessible cafe, a 10,000-square-meter fitness center for Apple employees , secure R & The Steve Jobs Theater that could host conferences or even Keynote.