Apple Watch 3, iPhone 9: Apple could do without the services of LG Display for their future screens!

Techno 20 April, 2017

While the iPhone 8 has not yet been introduced, the iPhone 9 and the Apple Watch 3 are already starting to sink ink. According to Korean media, the Apple could do without the services of its usual screen suppliers.
At a time when the iPhone 8 stirs all lusts , Apple is already preparing the future. The Cupertino firm is already working on the iPhone 9 and … the Apple Watch 3. While the second generation of the connected watch of the Cupertino firm has not yet celebrated its first anniversary, the Apple would have made radical decisions for the Apple Watch 3. According to Korean media, Apple could dispense with the services of LG Display that currently equips the Apple Watch with the OLED displays . This is because the Apple Watch 3 would have a brighter and thinner micro-LED display. And meltyStyle tells you more about the future connected watch and the famous iPhone 9.
That the Apple Watch 3 and the iPhone 9 are equipped with a new generation of low power displays is not trivial. In 2014, the Cupertino company bought LuxVue Technology, which had worked for several years around micro-LED screens. And with the latest news, the production of this Apple Watch 3 could begin at the end of the year . As for the iPhone 9, the situation is different. While the iPhone 8 already raises a lot of questions about Samsung’s ability to meet Apple’s needs for OLED displays , the Chinese BOE and China Star Optoelectronics Technology are being approached as a future subcontractor, Apple for the iPhone 9 screens.