Apple Watch: A blood sugar monitoring study?

Techno 22 May, 2017

Being a healthy ally, Apple Watch may soon be able to monitor our blood sugar levels. This is in any case what the CEO of Apple Tim Cook has let appear.
The Apple Watch is much more than a connected watch. A leader in the smartwatches market, Apple wants to go even further. Having partnered with Beddit’s sleep monitoring specialist, the Cupertino firm could make the Apple Watch a dream analyzer . But all this remains only hypothesis. Concrete for the future was brought this week by Apple CEO Tim Cook. While visiting a campus close to the company, the boss of the apple had an Apple Watch on his wrist. Nothing very transcendent … Except that the latter is able to measure the level of sugar in the blood. An interesting feature to remember for the next generation of Apple Watch.
Tim Cook has an Apple Watch capable of measuring blood sugar levels
On the Apple Watch of Tim Cook, number 1 of the watches connected , was placed a prototype tracker of glucose. The device wants to be an ally of diabetic patients but also a preventive. Apple is working in this direction with a team based in Palo Alto as mentioned by CNBC . However, the prototype may not be Apple but medical companies like Medtronic or Dexcom. It’s been several weeks since Tim Cook wore the device on his wrist and even made changes to his diet with it. So it is not impossible to see the next Apple Watch being equipped. Excellent news if it were to be confirmed in the coming weeks.