Apple Watch: A new way to use

Techno 1 February, 2017

The Apple Watch always surprises its users and now offers a cinema mode that will not be disturbed during a movie
One of the obsessions of spectators at the cinema remains to see a light in the distance emitted by the smartphone of a spectator little respectful. A light now from objects connected as watches with the Apple Watch Apple, the Series 2 features a new advertisement . To solve this problem, the firm has just applied an update allowing users to have a cinema mode with many features. To activate, just press on the icon with two masks (reference to the theater), which will disable instantly all ringtones that can be issued by the Apple Watch. What could be more discreet.
So, when you raise your wrist against your face to a film, the Apple Watch will not light . The ringtones will also be replaced by vibrations: to inform you that at the end of the credits, you will have notifications to watch (or that you have to leave the room to consult them!). To regain control of the Apple Watch, a first update of the Pokemon Go app added many corrections , simply turn the digital crown for Series 2 and tap on the screen to the other. With this movie mode designed by Apple , you should not have a problem with your Apple Watch or be bothered by those of other spectators in theaters. What do you think ?