Apple Watch: It has (almost) won the war of the wrist

Techno 8 May, 2017

The Apple Watch is the best-selling connected watch in the world. A successful bet for the apple, but a mixed success for the chronic geek of meltyStyle.
Apple was much criticized when it came out. Thus, many have been observers to type on the toquante of the brand to the apple as soon as it is presented. And they were right: the revolution so much announced never arrived. The geeks have been mistaken. The non-technophile audience was tempted, and two years later, the Apple Watch seems to be a commercial success. The show has enabled the designer to become the market leader of “wearable” , before Fitbit and Xiaomi. A bet that seems successful. The future of Apple Watch is not all rosy, and much remains to be improved . The geek chronicle of meltyStyle decrypts the future of the market’s flagship connected watch.
At the time of its announcement, there was much criticism the lack of uses of Apple Watch. What is it for ? What real value added to the iPhone? Two years later, this question remains central. Even Apple seems to have trouble finding an answer. Originally marketed as a fashion item at the Lafayette and Colette galleries, she gradually became a sports assistant. The release of the Apple Watch Nike +, which is very much loved at meltyStyle , is the illustration of this radical change of strategy. A positioning similar to Fitbit seems to work, according to sales forecasts. To fix its uses, nevertheless it will be necessary to succeed to retain the customers, but especially the developers of apps. Much work remains to be done on this side.
Amazon, eBay, or Google … We no longer count the actors who have left Apple Watch in recent months. Developers seem less and less fond of offering a version of their app for the Apple Watch. In question ? Slow to use, SDK restrictions, or sales figures still unknown. And it’s quite disturbing for the apple brand. Applications are indeed an important part of Apple’s own concept. This should thus be one of the central topics of the next WWDC, which the brand has recently formalized . The Apple Watch is far from being a failure, but the immobilism of its designer could be a brake on its future success. You valid?