Audio / Video Switch: Compulsory dock, usable jack and Bluetooth headsets

Techno 13 February, 2017

You are wondering if the dock is in proprietary format and if you can use the jack in dock mode or a Bluetooth headset? Nintendo answers your questions.
The technical part of the Nintendo Switch has gradually lost its secrets with the questions asked Koizumi , designer of the Switch, who is of course best placed to answer. Despite a video showing the different possibilities that the Switch leaves to play , the next console of Nintendo and its operation remains somewhat discreet … A little too much for our taste! As a result, we asked for more info about the dock, if it was possible to use a simple adapter or if the video transfer was done by the dock only and owner …
Of course, as expected and despite the USB port that is usually universal, “USB Type C allows you to recharge the console when it is in tablet mode, but for everything concerning the video, you Are forced to go through the dock for display through the TV “. Mr Koizumi quickly put an end to the expectations of people who wanted to use cables that were less cumbersome and cheaper than the (very) expensive dock . On the other hand, this one confirmed the possibility of using a Bluetooth headset with the console, which is very good news to play in portable mode without any wire. Regarding the jack: “It is possible to use a headphone through the jack when the console is on its dock”, although it will probably take an extension to connect your headphones to the console when it is on its Dock, it’s still cool for people wishing to play on their TV using a headset. To learn more about the virtual console and the Joy Con of different forms of the Switch, this is where it happens. What do you think about this information about the Nintendo Switch?