Nintendo Switch

Switch: Make compatible GC controllers, Wiimote and Pad Pro is considered by Nintendo!

The big news of the day about the Switch and its possibilities!
While you could discover in video game all the possibilities that we offer the ...

8 February, 2017
IPad: Turn your tablet into a Nintendo Switch!

With this small accessory, you can transform your iPad into Nintendo Switch. MeltyStyle explains everything!
Despite the democratization and the ...

31 January, 2017
Nintendo Switch: A new Nintendo Direct on the virtual console, the menu and the online?

Will Nintendo prepare a new Nintendo Direct broadcast before the release of the Switch?
The time begins to Nintendo of short since the Nintendo ...

27 January, 2017
Nintendo Switch: A strategy far removed from the Playstation 4 Pro

Nintendo has lifted the veil on its Switch this week. The geek chronicles this announcement and decrypts the strategy of the competitor of the ...

15 January, 2017
Nintendo Switch: Its price would be equivalent to that of the Nintendo 3DS!

At J-3 of the presentation of the Nintendo Switch, we finally know the price of this console hybrid. According to Nikkei, the Switch will be marketed ...

10 January, 2017
Nintendo Switch: GameCube virtual console, Red Dead Redemption 2 … Latest rumors of Laura KD

LKD still has leak in stock and the least we can say is that these latest rumors about the Switch are likely to delight more than one!
As you have ...

29 December, 2016