With the Moto GamePad, you can turn your Moto Z2 Play into a Nintendo Switch!

Techno 2 June, 2017

Lenovo / Motorola presented yesterday its Moto Z2 Play. In addition to the smartphone, the manufacturer has unveiled new Moto Mods including a Moto GamePad that can turn your phone into a Nintendo Switch.
Introducing the new Lenovo Moto Z2 Play, Motorola proved that the modularity had a bright future . The brand introduced new Moto Mods to personalize your smartphone as you see fit. These Moto Mods stick to the back of your Moto Z thanks to magnets. And in the editorial, we kiffé the new Moto GamePad which transforms your terminal into a portable console that has nothing to envy the Nintendo Switch. Without further ado, discovers this gadget which should make the happiness of the gamers.
The Moto GamePad has the ambition to “change the way you play” by turning your Moto Z into a “portable game console “. But aesthetically, the Moto GamePad stuck to the smartphone looks like two drops of water to the Nintendo Switch . This new module offers two joysticks, a directional pad and a few action buttons. With this Moto GamePad, the new Moto Z2 Play that is thinner than its elder will offer you a gaming experience worthy of the Nintendo Switch. For the shopper, we will have to wait a little since this module will be launched only this summer.