Nintendo Switch: Its price would be equivalent to that of the Nintendo 3DS!

News 10 January, 2017

At J-3 of the presentation of the Nintendo Switch, we finally know the price of this console hybrid. According to Nikkei, the Switch will be marketed at the same price as the Nintendo 3DS on its release!

Everything has been said or almost about the Nintendo Switch. At J-3 of his presentation, the Japanese brand seems to have left nothing to chance. And while the French division of Nintendo has revised the interface of its website for the event , we finally know a little more about the price of this console. At last, it will be marketed at the same price as the Nintendo 3DS to its output . Better still, it would cost less than Nvidia Shield TV. And meltyStyle tells you more about this Nikkei prediction.

The Nintedo Switch could cost 250 euros, in Europe!
Nikkei gave an estimate of the price of the Nintendo Switch in Japan. And no, it’s not a leak from Nintendo. The information site estimates that the Switch will be marketed 25,000 yen, a little more than 200 euros. Given the customs taxes, the price of the hybrid from Nintendo could reach 250 euros in Europe , supporting the rumors around the console. Pending more information, discovers that Chinese manufacturer who dared to copy Nintendo Switch, before its presentation to the big day!