Nintendo Switch: A new Nintendo Direct on the virtual console, the menu and the online?

Techno 27 January, 2017

Will Nintendo prepare a new Nintendo Direct broadcast before the release of the Switch?
The time begins to Nintendo of short since the Nintendo Switch, its next console you can discover our impressions here out now in 36 days (March 3, exactly). Only and what seems strange to us is that it still lacks some crucial information for the players before being able to say to them, the console is day one. Yeah despite the power of the output of a The Legend of Zelda to the exit, this will not necessarily be enough to sell the pallet console . As you can see from the information you may have missed about the Nintendo Switch , we know very little about the future Nintendo’s online service. No price, unclear info about the games offered … All this lets us think that Nintendo does not really want to communicate about it. Another big expectation that has not yet been filled, it is the Virtual Console for which again no information was.
We all hope to have the possibility to link the games purchased to our accounts, to finally spare us the tedious transfers between the games bought on Wii, Wii and Switch … This famous virtual console service has never had the honor of receive securities of the GameCube either, and we would like the firm to sell us dreams announcing Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion on which we could play around with the mobile features of the Switch. Same for the Switch menu to which we have yet had a glimpse from the leak of a third party publisher , we would like to see the final version of the console turn without artifice what! In any case, if it is a technique to raise the curiosity and the hype vis-à-vis the console, it works rather well. Nintendo probably still has some surprises in the sleeve to make us discover during a possible Direct that will surely come before March 3rd. Do you think there will be a Nintendo Direct before the release of the Nintendo Switch?