Nintendo Switch: GameCube virtual console, Red Dead Redemption 2 … Latest rumors of Laura KD

Techno 29 December, 2016

LKD still has leak in stock and the least we can say is that these latest rumors about the Switch are likely to delight more than one!
As you have already seen in our article about the price and the autonomy of the Switch given by Laura Kate Dale , the reporter has a wealth of information to share with us before the official presentation of the console to be held on 13 January . In recent rumors about the switch, we begin by that which we most hype among melty and expected more for the console Nintendo , GameCube games available through the Virtual Console ! Eh yes ! According to sources Laura, 3 GameCube games (with their original resolutions) will be available at launch of the Switch, it also took the opportunity to confirm that this output is not delayed and is still scheduled for the month Of March. Level game, Overwatch seems unfortunately not planned and even less Red Dead Redemption 2 …

The return of Super Mario Sunshine on Switch?

In terms of the levers we learn more about the Joy of the Switch-Con with the fact that the mysterious left button is a Share button , something that Sony has integrated its PS4. The Joy Con Right would be entitled to an IR pointer , which probably means the return of recognizing movement launched with the Wii first name. It will be possible to buy several separately as soon as the console leaves. On the other hand, and as far as the Pro Controller of the Switch is concerned, it will not be integrated into the basic pack and will have to be purchased separately.

A screen of 720p? It remains to be seen
Let us now turn to the technical and material aspects of these rumors about the Switch. Laura confirms again that the console will display 720p resolution . Apparently, the Switch will no longer use friend codes will have Bluetooth and has an internal capacity of 32 GB with the possibility of extension with Micro SD . Finally, do not forget that all this remains in the state of rumor before official confirmations from Nintendo, which should not be long now. What do you think of these rumors?