Cadillac Escalade : luxury and prestige format “XL”

Avto 18 December, 2017
  • Photo courtesy General Motors
    Rock Climbing is currently one of the two models the popular of Cadillac’s lineup in North America.

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    Sunday, December 17, 2017 21:24

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    The Cadillac Escalade combines luxury in the big job. After all, this juggernaut of 2 t can also carry a small crew of seven people that a large shipment of luggage, while pulling a horse trailer.

    The Cadillac brand has long been known for its sedans, coupes and convertibles to luxury. But things have changed a lot since the beginning of the 21st century, and the rise in popularity of sport utility vehicles (SUVS). Today, the six models of automobiles that account for the range played by the second violins alongside two SUVS. The XT5, a model of average size, is the undoubted star : it generates half of the sales of the brand in Canada. Then, in the second place in the sales charts, with a score more modest, but substantial (one-fifth of annual sales), we find the first violin : the imposing Climbing.

    Proposed short version (Climbing) and long (Escalade ESV), this vehicle is the twin of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban and GMC Yukon. These SUVS share platforms, stringers common and some powertrains. Introduced in 1998, the Escalade has benefited from redesigns aesthetic successive associated with the launch of each generation of this family SUV ; exercises in design that have given him a personality of its own over the years.

    The current version, the fourth generation, has appeared in 2015. On this occasion, the front part has been completely redesigned : the wings, the bonnet, the LED light clusters, grill and bumper are exclusive and make it recognizable at first glance. It’s the same rear lights that stretch vertically from the bumper to the spoiler, perched at the top of the tailgate. When one of the following, alone this design element is enough to differentiate this Cadillac. However, the amount of roof before and up to the rear, the flanks of its bodywork are identical to those of its twin.

    Photo courtesy General Motors

    The cabin is very spacious of the Escalade can accommodate up to seven people. Its staffing wants to be luxurious.


    NEW gearbox

    The 2018 model offers little new compared to the one it replaces. In addition to the new accents of maple sugar true parent inside the version top of the range Platinum (the one we tested), the only other novelty is of a mechanical nature.

    The only powertrain offered for this utility now includes the V8 of 6.2 L, which figure in the catalogue since 2007, a new automatic transmission with 10 reports. The manufacturer claimed to have substituted for the 8-speed transmissions used in the past to reduce the fuel consumption of this juggernaut. Its overhead valve engine, which produces 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, is deemed energy-intensive, it is true. And this is not surprising when one knows that this vehicle of 2 t can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 s (5,96 s specifies the constructor), but also is capable of towing a cargo up to 3674 kg (8100 lb).

    In fact, the gain provided by this new transmission proves to be rather thin, at least if one relies on the consumption ratings (very realistic) published by natural Resources Canada. The average consumption of the new Escalade goes from 14.1 to only 14,0 L/100. This represents an improvement of less than 1 % ! In fact, this gearbox leads to even a 3% increase in consumption in urban driving. By contrast, one obtains a gain in highway driving, where the consumption decreased by 7 %. For lack of anything better, at the very least, this new automatic gearbox does its job with discretion and flexibility, without the driver perceives the changes of reports, which are more frequent.

    It should be noted that in Canada, all versions of the Escalade and Escalade ESV have all-wheel drive. Given the volume of sales are smaller and to winter weather conditions, here, the manufacturer does not offer versions with two-wheel drive as it does in the United States.

    Photo courtesy General Motors

    The trunk of this utility is naturally flexible. Version ESV is gargantuan.



    We choose the Climbing for its endowment that is more sophisticated than that of a Tahoe common. It is clear. This staffing includes nice upholstery, leather, but also a Bose audio system Centerpoint 16 speakers, which transforms the cabin into a small concert hall. There is also this exclusive set of Brembo brakes-type performance. With red calipers (adorned with the logo Cadillac) 6-pot, discs of larger diameter, and platelets appropriate, it should give more bite to the braking of this SUV… for a fee of 3980 to $ 4130 $, depending on the version.

    We chose it also because it has an extensive interior capable of comfortably accommodate four adults. Of course, the manufacturer claimed that the inside of the Climbing we have done the test has seven-passenger seating. However, its rear seat three-seater is only suitable really only for young children, given the restricted space for the feet and legs. The bucket seats and front-passenger seats, and power plants, by contrast, provide comfort, and a princely. This is true.

    The luggage space also has a useful volume impressive. According to the use that is made of the central places and the rear in the case of the Climbing we have done the test, it can vary from 1461 to 2667 L, then a Escalade ESV has a useful volume gargantuan flexible 2173 at 3424 L ! Unfortunately, access to a safe is complicated by the great height (about 1 m) which separates the floor of the trunk to the ground. We are aware of the effort that this involves when it is necessary to lift heavy objects and, then, push them to the inside of this safe is very deep. This is not an easy job.

    In the same vein, the ground clearance of the relatively high 205 mm requires almost installing a running board to facilitate boarding, because the threshold of the floor of the cockpit is also very high. Lead Climbing makes us realize how much flexibility is lost with age…


    The increasing demand for utilities, particularly the models that are more luxurious, has pushed the people of General Motors to augment their product lines. After all, in Canada, the Escalade is a vehicle that is worth $ 100,000 and more, including taxes. This is why GMC and Chevrolet are now offering versions luxurious twin Climbing : the Yukon Denali and Tahoe First.

    These SEEN high-end provide an equal sense of luxury and an endowment nearly as extensive, at least in many respects, and lower prices make them particularly attractive for certain categories of purchasers. As well, the Yukon Denali is offered from 79 $ 400 and the Tahoe First from 73 275 $.

    Change Cadillac will

    Photo courtesy General Motors

    With ” Book by Cadillac, you can change your vehicle at will !


    Change Cadillac any time, depending on the needs or the mood of the time, it you would like ? You will soon be able to do that with the new service ” Book by Cadillac “.

    This service is a subscription, giving access to a variety of vehicles, which supersedes the sale and long term rental. Offered for 1500 $ US, this service covers mechanical maintenance of vehicles, cleaning and insurance. The subscriber only has to pay for the fuel.

    With the help of an application, the subscriber communicates with a distribution center to reserve a vehicle : a Climbing to make a move or a CTS-V sport sedan for a trip of leisure. The vehicle is delivered at home and there is no mileage limit. The monthly subscription, however, has a limit of 3219 km (2000 miles) without any additional fees.

    Since the month of march, the Book is being tested in four major cities : New York, Dallas and Los Angeles, the United States, and Munich, Germany. General Motors has not yet specified when it will be offered on the continent as a whole. In addition, other brands, including Volvo and Lincoln, have already announced their intention to offer a similar service as early as next year.

    Cadillac Escalade

    Base price

    86 440 $ (base) ; 89 915 $ (ESV base) ; 92 905 $ (luxury) ; 96 380 $ (ESV luxury) ; 97 820 $ (Premium Luxury) ; 101 295 $ (ESV Luxury, Premium) ; 108 735 $ (Platinum) ; 112 210 $ (ESV Platinum).

    Transport and preparation

    2100 $.


    V8 SET, 6.2 L, 420 hp at 5600 rpm, 460 lb-ft at 4100 rpm. Automatic transmission with 8 reports. Four-wheel drive.


    Independent Suspension to the front wheels ; a rigid axle at the rear. Disc brakes to all four wheels. Anti-lock braking system series. Tires : P285/45R22.


    (Climbing) — Wheelbase : 2946 mm ; length : 5179 mm ; width : 2045 mm ; height : 1890 mm. Weight : 2537-2649 kg. Volume of fuel tank : 98 litres. Trunk Volume : 1461-2667 L. average Consumption (manufacturer) : 14,0 L/100 km.


    BMW X7 (coming soon), Infiniti QX80, Lexus LX 570, Land Rover Range Rover, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Porsche Cayenne.


    • High level of soundproofing
    • Spacious interior
    • Cargo space important

    Weak Points

    • Access to edge complicated
    • The threshold of the safety deposit box is too high
    • Back seat little comfortable