Cameroon: according Atanga Nji Paul Biya studied “245,000 records” in 2015

Politics 8 November, 2016

biyaOne also learns, in the public press, he received the same year: 775 rating from 23 pm and 2 am and all were sanctioned on the same day before 6:00

The Cameroonian head of state he works too? That’s the question a tad cheeky and surprising – for those who favor the opposite of the question – that can come from an article published in the daily “public” Cameroon Tribune , this 07 November 2016.

This opposite an article published by the magazine Jeune Afrique in early this week (edition of 6 to 12 November 2016), under a folder called “intimate Biya” , in which the author, Georges Dougueli, reports, on page 27, that the president “works and lives in the economy to preserve.”

the rave forum, entitled “Paul Biya, the choice of realism and reason” , published on page 13 of the Cameroon Tribune Monday and signed by Paul Atanga Nji (member of the central Committee of the CPDM party in power, and coordinator of the departmental delegation of the party in Mezam, Northwest Cameroon department), highlights the activity of the President for the account of the past year.

“Looking through the statistics provided by the Official Journal and the Hot News newspaper, we can face the facts that the agenda of HE Paul Biya is not easy. Voted Man of the year 2015, the Head of State studied 245,000 cases in 2015 (folders with instructions and comments) and has signed more than 9,400 orders in the same year. In 2015, the directory of confidential letters reports that the Head of State received 775 notes between 23 hours and 2 am and all were sanctioned on the same day before 6 am. In 2015, the Head of State received more than 250 delegations and participated in most of the major international conferences ” , we read in this forum.

All things, which for Paul Atanga Nji, “demonstrate to skeptics and other doomsayers that for Cameroon is as strong and respected, it is certainly led by a Head of State who is keeping watch.”

“Finding glowing, I can say without risk of being wrong that the candidacy of his Excellency Paul Biya in the next presidential election is a choice between realism and reason, ” says the politician.

to support his argument, Paul Atanga Nji refers to the Bible. “the Scriptures teach us that there will still many are called but few are chosen. Each of us, looking at the work of other, often think it is easy. But once the test, he discovered otherwise. Like what, criticism is easy but the difficult art. Each person follows his destiny on this earth. This fate is a mission. There are men born to lead others and there are some who need to be guided. ”

As head of the ruling party, ” Cameroon is a complex and complicated country. With more than 350 ethnic groups and four (04) major cultural areas, our country is Africa in miniature that should be governed with tact method, brilliance and wisdom. ”

” Our country still needs Paul Biya (83 years including 34 years already spent at the head of State, Ed). He knows Cameroon and Cameroonians know ” , claims Mr. Atanga Nji.