Cars of BMW brand could ignite

Avto 30 March, 2018
  • Marie-Eve Dumont

    Friday, 30 march 2018 01:00

    Friday, 30 march 2018 01:00

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    A request for collective action was filed in Montreal against BMW, which is slow to replace a part that could cause a fire in the vehicle.

    “It is really very disturbing. I have two children of 8 and 22 months, I don’t want my vehicle to catch fire while they are sitting in the back, ” laments Liliana Pasaje, representative of the appeal which has been filed recently in the superior Court.

    The owner of a BMW X3 2007 received a letter in December 2017, informing him that his car was subject to a recall. It indicates that a short circuit may occur in the operative part of stove fan motor housing (PVC).

    “The plastic parts that surround it could overheat, melt and cause a fire, which could increase the risk of personal injury or property damage (or both) “, one reads in the letter, which The Newspaper has obtained a copy, as well as on the website of Transport Canada.

    The German automaker insists even in the missive that the cars referred to ” should be parked outside until the room is available “.

    No parts

    But four months later, it is still impossible to repair the vehicle, the famous part is still not available, ” says Ms. Pasaje, who has left his car at the dealer as a precaution.

    “We made a recall, but no parts. BMW is negligent in his management of the recall, ” insists Joey Zukran, lawyer in charge of the action.

    At the dealer, he would have said that there was no danger of riding with his vehicle, in addition to refuse to provide a courtesy car, depending on what she says.

    Yet, the american channel ABC has reported many cases of BMW vehicles covered by the recall, which would have spontaneously caught fire in the entrance of houses or in the parking lot of shopping malls in different cities in the United States.

    79 616 vehicles

    According to Transport Canada, 79 616 vehicles BMW 1-Series (2008 to 2011) 3 Series (2007 to 2011), 5 Series (2007 to 2011), X3 (2007 to 2011), X5 (2007 to 2010), Z4 (2007 to 2011) are affected by the recall in the country.

    It was not possible to know how many cars are referred to in Quebec.

    The action brought by the firm’s CPA lawyers also includes vehicles BMW 3 Series (2006 to 2011) which are the subject of another recall, as the wiring harness to the regulator of the fan could overheat and melt and cause a fire.

    BMW Canada has not responded to our interview request.