Choosing the Right Storage Company

News 19 September, 2022

When you are moving house or have more possessions than storage space, it is vital to find a place where you can ensure that your things will be safe. Almost all storage companies offer the same services. However, you need to know the factors you should consider when evaluating storage service companies before you make the final decision.

Features you should check

Even if the different storage companies offer similar services, it is essential to check if they prioritise the vital features customers want because they will affect your final decision. Most of all, the storage unit should fit your budget. According to Darvills of Leeds, a professional removal and storage service company, here are the priority features that matter.


This is a top feature to check because you need assurance that your possessions will be secure. Most storage facilities have CCTV cameras for maximum security. Confirm if the CCTVs operate 24 hours a day and if they have security officers who monitor the security cameras. Another thing to check is the extent of coverage of these cameras. Some companies only have CCTV cameras at the entrance of the facility.

Check if the facility only has a manned office or reception to meet the customer, and if they will provide you with a pin code so you can directly access your rented storage unit. Moreover, you must check the condition of the door. See if it is sturdy and if the lock they installed is secure. Cleanliness is also a security factor. You can visit if you need information about storage facilities and services.

Rental cost

This is another vital factor when choosing a storage facility. Consider that a cheaper rental cost is not always your best alternative. Do not just consider the rental fee. You should look at the overall price the company offers—all the inclusions and the terms and conditions. Likewise, find out if the facility requires payment of the deposit fee.

Suitability and size

Ensure that you choose a facility that offers storage units of different sizes. Moreover, check if the facility suits the items you want to put in storage. For example, some facilities specialise in antique furniture or musical instruments, which need humidity and temperature controls. Others only allow storage of office equipment, household appliances, and furniture, while some will only accept documents.


The storage facility should be accessible. If you plan to visit the facility frequently, it is better to find one that is close to where you live, as it will be costly if you have to travel a distance just to reach the facility. On the other hand, if you think you will only be visiting the storage facility occasionally, you can opt for one far from where you are, which could have a lower rental cost.

While the storage facility should offer you convenience, ensure that the company has comprehensive insurance to cover the loss or damage to your stored items. The tips above should help you choose a trustworthy company that considers your requirements.