Chromecast Ultra vs Apple TV: The turfu TV game

Techno 28 December, 2016

What if we did not have a box to watch the TV otherwise? We tested (and compared) Apple TV and Chromecast Ultra, the latest proposals from two giants, Apple and Google.
Replay shows, rental movies and series, broadcast content of a mobile … Apple TV and Chromecast Ultra want to revolutionize our way of watching television. (Yeah, it’s not just the AirPods that are revolutionary ). In the editorial, we tested and compared the latest proposals of the giants Apple and Google. And the least one can be that the wallpapers of both systems are magnificent. So much so that if it was not an insult to the planet, we would have left the TV turned on all the time, oklm.

TV and VOD: Apple TV Advantage
If the Apple scores points with the new version of its Apple TV, everything is not perfect. We are entitled to bugs, especially in the new MyCanal app, and some localization problems with untranslated sentences. But at the TV and VOD, Apple has a big advantage . Thanks to the new Molotov application for watching TV, Apple TV becomes a real TV box. ” This is the TV you know, organized as you still have never seen” , promises Molotov. True enough, all programs, live or replay, are organized by thumbnails and choosing that We want in 3 clicks, but that’s not all!

With Molotov, Apple TV becomes a real TV box
Siri can even help you select “a film with Sylvester Stallone” , “a comedy” and even “a short film for children” but not “a Spanish film” or ” which won the Golden Palm” . It is tempting … With the anthology of app arrived on both systems: MyCanal, Bein, OCS, one no longer needs to resort to its classic box. On the other hand, the video game can push us to iron by the tv box and meltyStyle explains why!

The Chromecast Ultra and the Apple TV do not sell dreams for gamers
As much say cash, we do not like to play on the Chromecast Ultra and Apple TV. Neither the stream of a mobile game (for the Chromecast) nor a game designed for Apple TV really sold us a dream. The Apple TV’s toy library is quite restricted. Worse still, the two solutions remain graphically limited and there is always a disagreeable discrepancy between our actions and the moment when they appear on the screen. One can always stream his part of Hearstone or Clash of Clans, from his mobile on the TV to talk strategy with the buddies but, it remains a marginal use. Side controls, if you order from your phone, this is not really practical. Maybe the arrival of titles like Minecraft will change our minds.

Image quality and balance sheet
Apple, we want the 4K! If you have a TV at home crazy, Chromecast Ultra scores points with its definition 4K . This lack is even more glaring today on Apple TV. The solution of Google (which has launched Pixel smartphones) can also boast of being very simple to use but, overall, the Apple TV has managed to seduce us. Well, we like both solutions, but we have a little heart for the Apple product . More than the Chromecast, Apple TV presents a complete and is pleasant to use. So, ready to watch turfu TV?