Clinton and Trump Florida to woo voters

Politics 5 November, 2016

hillary-clinton-donald-trumpHillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued their fierce campaign Saturday in Florida, a key state that the Republican billionaire must absolutely win Tuesday if he is to prevent his Democratic rival to become the first woman president of the United States.

The mad race of the two candidates to the White House to a close, having stunned the world with its twists, its excesses and controversies.

At the time of the epilogue, the biggest surprise is that Donald Trump has a real chance of winning, even if it retains its position as outsider .

According to the website RealClearPolitics, the average of national polls gave Saturday an advance of 2.3% for Hillary Clinton (45% against 42.7% for Trump) at national level, and an advance of 1.2% for the Democrat in Florida.

Donald Trump, that very few people had taken seriously in June 2015 when he launched his candidacy at the foot of the tower in New York, who has crashed his invectives campaign of Republican primary, nevertheless ending in mind that it a hundred times seemed weighed down by controversy, foiled each time prognoses.

Hence the legitimate concern in the camp of M me Clinton, experienced technocrat in the image tarnished by a police investigation into her emails restarted 12 days before the election of 8 November.

For the former first lady and former Secretary of State, policy networks cultivated for 30 years, the last 72 hours tactic is clear: no let up in the decisive swing states for the win.

Nothing drop in key states

Trump, the challenge will be even more difficult: to win a string of these key states including rallying voters in rural America and eventually achieve reverse in favor of a state traditionally leaning on the Democratic side.

Hence the return to Florida two opponents: the sunny peninsula of southeastern United States has often been decisive for the US presidency. No one has forgotten that there was played ultra controversial election of 2000, eventually attributed to George W. Bush at the expense of Al Gore.

Bringing to 29 electors who will win, Florida alone could bury the hopes of Donald Trump.

Both candidates will each have spent several days in late October, to woo the undecided. The populist tycoon account on the legions of pensioners established in the ‘Sunshine State’, M me Trump put it the package to be seduced important Hispanic electorate.

“In three days we will win the great state of Florida and we will take the White House” on Saturday launched the real estate tycoon, in a rally in Tampa.

Donald Trump said on Saturday having collected the day in Hershey, Pennsylvania, more people than Jay Z, he quipped language.

“I can not even refer to [those big words] by their initials, it would attract me problems,” he said. He assured have gathered 27,000 supporters in a room that can only hold 12,500 people.

Brandies by activists in the audience, placards posted: “Hispanics for Trump,” “Women for Trump,” “The Black Trump” and “The silent majority Trump.”

About the current offensive on jihadist bastion of Mosul, Mr. Trump has again criticized that this operation was announced in advance. “So much for the element of surprise. What a bunch of losers we have, “he found, apparently without fear of alienating the military.

After Beyoncé, Katy Perry

After benefiting Friday night the support of superstars Beyonce and Jay Z, in a concert in Cleveland, Ohio Democrat stronghold, Hillary Clinton will mount it on stage later Saturday in Miami.

It will end the day in Pittsburgh, with a concert by singer Katy Perry. After Florida Donald Trump will visit him during the weekend in Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.

The scandals that continue to pepper the campaign seem to have no real impact on voters, according to some experts.

Among the latest to date, the Associated Press reported that the wife of Donald Trump was born in Slovenia, Melania, had briefly worked in the US in the 90s as a model, despite its visa that prohibited him any paid employment.

And, according to the Wall Street Journal , the tabloid National Inquirer had secured exclusive testimony of a former model for Playboy on a link they would have had in 2006 with Trump, before burying the story without publishing anything.

Saturday and for the first time, the billionaire was invited to pronounce the GOP weekly address, many executives have recently released yet.

“It is time to close the history books on Clinton […] I call your votes […] to help elect a Republican majority in Congress, so that we can finally change this system does not work […] “, said the real estate mogul.

“I want the corrupt Washington establishment hear the following words: when we will prevail on 8 November, we will clean out the backwater,” he began, taking a formula become a campaign slogan.