Company Registration in Offshores Countries: Popular Options

Business 24 December, 2021

Start a Business in Offshores Countries. New Trend: Company Registration in Offshores Countries.

Business analysts from several different firms weighed in on what are the biggest business trends of 2021. One of the biggest and most important shifts observed this year was offshores company registration. More and more companies are ready to establish a corporate presence offshore. This reflects the increasing globalization, the trend to seek out a remote working lifestyle for employees, and the fact that nobody wants to pay high taxes. There is growing acceptance of corporate registration in offshore countries, so we are going to discuss this trend in more detail now.

Let’s start things off by acknowledging the single most popular destination for offshores corporate registration: the Marshall Islands.

New Company Registration Online in Marshall Islands: Key Points

*             Foreign businesses are fully exempt from any sort of local corporate taxes. The same can be said about asset tax and several other types of necessitated payments. This, of course, makes the Islands one of the most attractive tax havens for foreign business.

*             This country is better suited for smaller business ventures, IPHCos, IPOs, and crypto-adjacent start-ups. In a word, it’s perfect for companies looking to stay out of trouble and to address the needs of international businesses.

*             All types of payments made by foreign citizens are exempt from any type of taxation, including income tax.

*             Personal information regarding stakeholders, directors, and investors is required to be stored and updated, but it will never be entered into any public database.

*             Businesses that went through the process of new company registration online in Marshall Islands are required to retain accurate and complete accounting records, but the records are not to be provided to any government body.

For comparison’s sake, we are going to mention several other offshore countries that can be considered for offshore corporate registration if the Marshall Islands does not really meet your needs.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Advantages and Disadvantages

When discussing foreign company registration in offshores countries, some people bring up Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) as their number one pick. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons.


1. 0% tax. This kind of total tax exemption is always an important upside, no matter how you look at it.
2. Strongly opposed to the trendy international practice of eliminating bearer shares.
3. Lack of minimal share capital requirements.
4. Stable economy, great financial situation overall.


1. Can be considered a tax haven. Some investors and businesses look down upon tax havens.

Seychelles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Yet another strong contender for offshores company registration is an island country named Seychelles. Or the Republic of Seychelles, if you want to be really pedantic about it. The pros and cons of this option include:


1. 0% tax. Once again, it’s impossible to overlook this advantage so it’s always going to be at the forefront.
2. Very strong economy. In fact, at the time of writing, the archipelagic country boasts the highest nominal per capita GDP in the African region.
3. You don’t have to report anything.
4. It’s fast and easy to set up a company in the Republic of Seychelles.


1. Local workforce is comparatively unskilled. This is not a major issue for businesses that don’t really need the aid of local workers, of course.

Foreign Company Registration in Offshores Countries: Mauritius

This island nation also comes across as a very tempting option for businesses that want to maximize their profits thanks to laxer taxation. There are the biggest advantages and disadvantages:


1. 0% tax. Same as before. It’s really important and it’s impossible to overlook.
2. Mauritius is one of two offshore countries that’s classified as a high-income economy. The other one is Seychelles.
3. No annual returns to submit.
4. Easy to open a local bank account.
5. As per the Institute for Economics & Peace, this is THE most peaceful African nation.


1. Construction permits are oftentimes difficult to obtain.

Labuan: Advantages and Disadvantages

In recent years, this Malaysian federal territory enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity from people interested in company formation online in offshores countries. What are the best and worst things about it, though?


1. Low set-up and running costs.
2. One of the best Asian jurisdictions for both trading assets and holding assets.
3. Striving local economy.
4. Relatively fast incorporation.


1. Limited benefits for certain types of legal entities.


When looking for the right nation for company formation online in offshores countries, you have to think about your business and its specific needs. Only based on that information will you be able to find an option that suits you and your business. There’s no need to rush through the motions while selecting an option that works for you. Best of luck with your money-making endeavors and keep yourself on the path to becoming the owner of THE next big offshore company.