Dead goose “revenge” for killing his hunter In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

U.S. citizen with his friends on hunting the river miles in Maryland shot a goose. The bird fell straight to the head man, 51-year-old man had a helicopter to get to a hospital. Information about the incident according to us media.


The company men went to hunt to the pond. When friends wandered along the river Bank in the sky one of them noticed a flock of geese. Comrades decided to test your sniper skills and aimed their guns up to shoot birds. In the end, one of the geese fell on the head of the man who killed him and caused him serious injury. Colleagues of the injured men was treated in an ambulance. Doctors arrived to the scene by helicopter, took on Board the hunter and transported him to the clinic.

It’s not the only time during fishing animal people gets injured. Earlier in Iowa dog accidentally stepped on the trigger and a shot rang out. The owner of a pet was shot in the back. In the Saratov region, a dog accidentally shot a man. Law enforcement officers are advised to exercise extreme caution while hunting.