Deaf abused by Clergy, are dissatisfied

News 16 July, 2017
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    Gilles Read

    DG of the CSMM

    Michael Nguyen

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 22:57

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 22:57

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    More than a year after the historic judgment granting $ 30 million to 194 deaf abused by the Clerics of Saint-Viateur, many victims are convinced that some have lied in order to have a bigger share of the cake.

    “We are a small community, we know each other, and there are people who say openly to have “jacked off” the system, ” said a deaf Journal. Given that he is a victim of sexual abuse, his name may not be revealed.

    All in all, the Journal has listened to a score of testimonies of the deaf regarding “false victims” who would lose thousands of dollars in the ” real victims “. The emotions vary between frustration, anger and disappointment.

    But they all hope that their experience will improve the system.

    “I have been made aware of the situation, said the director general of the deaf community Center of metropolitan Montreal, Gilles Read. All are of the opinion that the lawyers have worked well in the folder, but many would like to see adjustments if there is a next time. “


    The assaults experienced by the deaf date back to the years 40, and lasted for 42 years at the former Institution des Sourds de Montreal, located on Saint-Laurent boulevard.

    Decades later, a class action has been launched, to finally conclude amicably. The Clerics of Saint-Viateur have had to pay $ 20 million, while the Institute Raymond-Dewar has disbursed $ 10 million to the victims.

    Interestingly, the victims have not had to defend their version of the facts when they have been encountered. They only had to explain the abuse that they had suffered, as had predicted the settlement agreement.


    “It has been very hard to relive those moments, said one of the victims in the Newspaper. There has been a lot of emotions. And frankly, I don’t consider myself more than happy with the money I received. “

    If many of the victims were relieved to be raw without having to defend themselves, they are afraid, however, that some have taken the opportunity to exaggerate the abuse.

    Deaf people who have been raped say, for example, that those who have been touched received the same compensation, which ranged from 100 277 $ 150 415 $. Thirteen families of the deaf since the deceased received 50 139 $ each.

    “Perhaps it would be necessary to examine a little more each and every person, sharing are has not been well justified,” says a deaf person.

    Another regrets a quarantine of victims should be made manifest only after the announcement of the settlement.

    “It is disappointing, he said. Maybe he would have had several adjudicators [to assess damage]. The file is closed, it is too late to change anything, but I hope that the justice will be able to adapt, if a similar situation occurs again. “