Dear santa… Here’s my list of gifts.

News 21 December, 2017
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    Thursday, December 21, 2017 15:05

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    Dear Father Christmas,

    This year, I was wise, I swear to you. At least, most of the time…

    You know me for a long time. So, you know I do not mince words to say the background of my thinking.

    You also know that times are hard for many people while others will the flowing freshwater in tax havens.

    As I would love that, just a Christmas, that you make the gift of a better sharing of the wealth.

    But hey! Before that you don’t taquiniez in me dealing with “gogauche”, this year, for the gifts, I pass my turn. Life spoils me already and I am extremely grateful.

    I would rather send you my list of gifts for our “friends” in the political world. At least some of them.

    Dear Father Christmas, you would be really gentle not to tell them where the idea of their gift is coming…

    You will also notice that I have a strong fondness for books. This is surely a question of generation.

    Or, to say it in a much more beautiful way again, let me quote you Bernard Pivot that you love too much, I know it :

    “Give books! They open up like boxes of chocolate and close as jewellery boxes.”


    My little list of gifts…

    After years of austerity, and teach him what he does not know, to Philippe Couillard, premier of Québec, you can offer the DVD of the French monk Matthieu Ricard : On the path of compassion.

    And to help prepare for the results of the next election : I want to change job! author Yves Deloison on the art of the “professional reconversion”.

    For Jean-François Lisée, the head hit hard the Parti québécois, the same one from which the year was particularly difficult for him and his political party, a powerful trio of books that will surely not too much :

    1. For obvious reasons : modesty and other stories of the author Enrique Vila-Matas.

    2. To give him the taste of talking over the reason to be of his party : the line of The risk of Pierre Vadeboncoeur.

    3. To advise it in its “strategies” many, the bedside book of Jean Charest (who still held out in politics for 28 years) : The art of war by Sun Tzu.

    For François Legault, a former minister of the parti québecois and leader of the CAQ, a text is a must. Question of the help to reconcile with his past before thinking about his political future that he predicted very promising: The courage to change. A national project for the Québec of a certain… well, yes, François Legault, himself. A long pamphlet published in October 2004 on the emergency, he wrote at the time, to make the independence.

    To Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the new recruit-feature of Québec solidaire : The end of the exiles. Resist the deception of fears. A short essay impactful signed recently by Jean-Martin Aussant, an ex-member of the parti québecois and the founder of the now deceased party Option nationale. Deemed to also be in reserve of the Republic for a possible return to politics. Question of recall to GND, and one day he will, perhaps, competition in the department’s succession policy.

    To Gaétan Barrette, minister omnipotent Health, dear Father Christmas, two classics are a “must” for the showoff unmasked :

    1. How to make friends Dale Carnegie. Here again, for obvious reasons.

    2. To which the doctor Bar is finally acknowledge himself in the mirror : The manipulators are among us Isabelle Nazare-Aga.

    For Justin Trudeau, heir of the dynasty of the same name and the prime minister of Canada : The rough Guide to Canada. The secret that’s guaranteed for a travel Holiday cheap, not expensive.

    For Melanie Joly, a translator that instantly speaks to the “logic” – a new language innovative -, to explain to Canadians what she is trying to explain.

    For Jagmeet Singh, the new leader of the NDP : The courage of his convictions from his predecessor Thomas Mulcair. You will see Father Christmas, it’s going to take it by surprise!

    To Andrew Scheer, the new leader of the conservative Party : The program Assimil to learn French… for real.

    For Martine Ouellette, both mp and independent in the national Assembly and leader of the Bloc québécois in Ottawa : From confusion to the clarity of the buddhist monk Yongey Mingyour Rinpoche. The title speaks for itself.

    To Jacques Chagnon, the courageous president of the national Assembly, who has held head to the UPAC : a long series of courses at the Académie Ness Martial in Montréal to learn to box.

    To Robert Lafrenière, head of UPAC : Learn how to not control everything to Christianne Chaillé. This book is presented as “a tool of transformation invaluable, because it will help the thirsty of control to finally become a nice person to live with. For others… and for herself”.

    For the ex-prime minister Jean Charest – never far in our thoughts or in those of the QLP -, dear Father Christmas, I’m sure you’ve already thought of it long before me : Little secrets, big lies (Big, Little Lies) – the extraordinary tv series, produced by Jean-Marc Vallée.

    To remind the young president of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, that the world did exist before him: the Memoirs of Charles de Gaulle.

    And finally, for Donald Trump, the american president disguised as a permanently accident of History: Insane Clown President (The president a clown and a fool) of Matt Taibbi.


    So, here it goes.

    Thank you dear Father Christmas your attention.

    I am certain that the evening of 24 December, you will find the time to route them to the right places…