Death Charlyne Lacasse: “A mother cannot disconnect his or her child”

News 22 December, 2017
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    Friday, 22 December 2017 20:43

    Friday, 22 December 2017 20:43

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    “An energy ball”, a “ray of sunshine”. Then she had whole life ahead of her, fate came to change the life of Charlyne Lacasse, may 31, 2014, when she was involved in a road accident that has seriously injured before she succumbs to her injuries several weeks later.

    Three and a half years after the tragic event, his family are still struggling to recover. His mother and his sister were entrusted to Jean-François Guérin, in the framework of the program “victims voice”, which airs Friday night at LCN.

    On the evening of may 30, 2014, as she had just moved into a new residence with his mother and his sister, Charlyne is a party to spend the evening with friends in a chalet.

    “I see that we said in out : Hi, mom! See you tomorrow. I love you!, remember Sophie Méthot. That evening, there was a lot of happiness in the air. She was in a good mood.”

    Then it was back a few hours later, Charlyne never returned to the house. On the way back, around 3 am, the car to the edge of which she took a seat with three other young people had made a violent exit from the road before ending his race against a tree, row 5, Saint-Cyrille-de-Lessard, near Montmagny.

    Call dreaded

    “I received the call from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) at 5h25. I slept peacefully, I had not been aware that Charlyne was not returned. When I heard the phone and I opened my eyes, I saw the time and I thought of it. I said to myself : my God, my Charlyne,” says his mother.

    The police told him then that no parent wants to hear: her daughter has been the victim of a very serious accident and she needs to go as quickly as possible to the hospital.

    “Everything collapses, everything explodes. Life stops and you do not know your child is in what state.”

    Even if she comes to the hospital, it is only in the evening that Sophie Méthot was able to see his daughter, always between life and death.

    “It was only a small piece of skin on a hand to be able to hold her hand”, she recalls.

    A month after the hospitalization of Charlyne to the intensive care unit, the doctors announced finally to his mother that the girl “will not return” and that its potential is “non-existent”.

    “At that time, I was unable [to disconnect]. Because, for me, a mother can not disconnect his child. I said to Charlyne, because I’m sure she heard me now : it is you who’ll choose if you live or if you’re leaving.”

    “I believed until the end that she was going to wake up, that she was going to come back. I was ready to resume with all kinds of sequelae. I switched my home in my head it had to come back in a wheelchair,” says Sophie Méthot.

    Then, the state of Charlyne has gotten worse. On 15 August, she has been making a significant fever. His mother asked the medical staff to take her in his arms.

    “I have placed it in the arms as when she came to the world. She calmed down quickly, the fever is gone and she became very quiet. I felt that it was in the process of moving. I told him everything I had to say to him.”

    It is at this time that the struggle of the adolescent is done.

    Award for the driver

    The driver of the car in which took place Charlyne, Samuel Caron, 18, has been charged with dangerous driving causing death. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but served only three.

    While Charlyne was still hospitalized, his mother remembers having called the young man to tell him in what state “he put [his] daughter”. Caron has asked to see Charlyne, but Sophie Méthot has flatly refused.

    “I was in a wrath unimaginable. […] I was demolished,” she said.

    With the benefit of hindsight, the mother of the young victim hope, one day, have the chance to meet Samuel Caron. “He lived a piece of life of my daughter that I don’t have and that I need to know,” says Ms. Méthot.

    Changed lives

    It is not only the life of Charlyne, who was arrested on may 31, 2014. One of his relatives also. His mother has not, to date, not been able to resume his position as the director of a school. As to her sister Clara, six years his junior, she still has difficulty believing it.

    “I wanted very well have taken my sister, my best friend, my idol. […] It was our little ray of sunshine. In my head, she had no right to leave us like that. Even today, sometimes I have the impression that this is not real.”

    “It seems that it was just a big nightmare that I would have wanted to take me out, but I never succeeded and I would not manage never. The memory of my sister plugged in everywhere, I’ll never forget it.”