Death of a Jehovah’s witness mother : aunt Eloise Dupuis continues battle

News 17 October, 2017
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    Eloise Dupuis

    Elisa Cloutier

    Monday, 16 October, 2017 19:07

    Monday, 16 October, 2017 19:15

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    Aunt Eloise Dupuis, this young Jehovah’s witness mother died following his birth, and intends to continue its battle to change the laws on the free and informed consent.

    More than a year after the death of the young woman of 26 years old, the coroner Luc Malouin has filed its report on Friday. He is currently in the hands of the chief coroner and should be made public at the beginning of the month of November, according to Mr. Malouin.

    Her aunt, persist and sign

    Building on this report to ” make a difference “, the aunt of the young deceased account challenge the government, regardless of the recommendations of the coroner.

    “I am aware that the report of the coroner is limited, but there will be elections in the spring, and believe me, it has not finished to hear about it. I’m going to put pressures on the government, ” said Manon Boyer, who also plans to do a public release, accompanied by family members, who are not part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Ms. Boyer hopes that in such cases a judge may rule on the free and informed consent. “Why the doctors have their hands tied ? I don’t think the doctors find it funny to watch someone die, ” she says.

    Since the death of his niece, 12 October 2016, Ms. Boyer has created a page on Facebook in his memory (In memory of Eloise Dupuis), in particular, to encourage Jehovah’s witnesses to leave their religion.

    For its part, the coroner Luc Malouin says he has taken more time than expected prior to submitting their report on the death of the young woman, because of an expertise carried out by the family.

    Eloise Dupuis died on October 12, 2016, six days after her admission to the hospital to give birth to her first child.