Death of a Quebecer in Arizona: “it was the man most prudent that exists”

News 4 February, 2018
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    The tragic death of a Quebec 54-year-old in a motorcycle accident while he was traveling in Arizona has upset his relatives.

    François Bessette and his wife Elaine Riel were on the motorcycle when they collided with a pickup truck who wanted to make a turn and that would not have seen the motorcycle.

    Mr. Bessette died on the spot. His wife suffered multiple fractures of the face as well as a concussion. She was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Phoenix.

    The two lovers of motorcycle were to be married this autumn in Cornwall, where he was still working for the canadian armed Forces. The ceremony was in fact to be a marriage, double with another couple of friends.

    “On the 1st of September, we had to make a wedding double set, said wearily to his friend. It was an ideal couple and intimate friends. To make a wedding double with them, it was more than friends. That said, the project is still the same, but for the moment, our thoughts go out to them. “

    Mr. Bessette was described by his family as someone who is a unifier, a leader who provided supervision and direction of his group. Before leaving, he had done as he always did, and had taken the time to review the various maps to analyze the different routes.

    “This is the man the more conservative that exists, we couldn’t understand what had happened. We couldn’t understand how Francis could have an accident and especially to lose the life, we could not believe it, ” said Liliane Gauthier.

    At the time of the accident, Mr. Bessette was not wearing a helmet, something that is not mandatory in this american State, but his relatives believe that, in the circumstances, it would have made no difference.