Death of Anne-Sophie Veilleux: the driver had already lived through a traumatic shock to the steering wheel

News 26 January, 2018
  • Photos are courtesy of and QMI Agency
    Mareck Dupuis is involved in a fatal accident at Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, which has cost the lives of Anne-Sophie Veilleux (mortise).

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 00:00

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 00:00

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    The driver of the truck involved in a fatal accident at Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, two weeks ago, was recovering just another trauma, caused by the suicide of a person who was thrown under his truck last September.

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    Moreover, only a few minutes before the sad accident, a psychologist who accompanies the truck driver in his or her return to work was with him in the vehicle.

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    Mareck Dupuis

    Mareck Dupuis, 20 years old, had lived hardly the first incident in which he had quickly been established that he had no responsibility. On the 13th of September last, an individual had thrown himself under the wheels of his truck on the Jean-Lesage boulevard, near the Palace of Justice of Quebec.

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    The victim, Anne-Sophie Veilleux

    The father, the trucker gave the Newspaper he had just taken over the wheel of his truck in the days before the terrible crash of the January 16, which claimed the lives of Anne-Sophie Veilleux, a young woman of 18 years. Enrolled in a program, including psychological treatment to gradually return on the road, the young man was returning from an outing together on the morning of the accident.

    “He had made two trips only Thursday and the rest of the program, it was an outing with the psychologist to overcome her trauma in the city. They had gone to Sainte-Marie and the psychologist had landed five minutes before the accident, ” recounts with emotion Marc Dupuis, still shaken by the drama.

    “He never wanted to do that “

    If Mr. Dupuis is willing to tell these details, it is because it is difficult for the treatment of his son, who faces four counts in connection with the accident. Mareck Dupuis was not taking risks at the wheel of his truck, assures his father, and even less so in the current context.

    “Mareck has never wanted to do that. It’s hard to see your son treated like a criminal, as if he had been intoxicated, or that he had shot someone with a gun. Many people may not understand if they have never driven a truck, ” sighs the father of the young man who is accused in particular of dangerous driving causing death.

    In all this drama that shakes his family, Marc Dupuis ensures, however, that his first thoughts go to the family of the young victim, Anne-Sophie Veilleux.

    “There is another family even more torn apart than we are. We will still tighten our boy in our arms, even if it will never be the same. I can’t imagine what they must live in this moment “, let it go Mr. Dupuis before bursting into tears. The funeral service for Anne-Sophie Veilleux will be celebrated Saturday morning.

    Body in shock

    Founder with his wife of the organization’s PTSD, among truck drivers (Syndrome of post-traumatic stress disorder), Patrick Forgues was shocked to learn what has lived Mareck Dupuis.

    “I was in shock. Just a trauma, it is already a lot, this is a big one. This young-there’s going to need a lot of follow-up, because at this point, I don’t know how it’s going to be able to manage it, ” said former trucker who has himself experienced the suicide of a motorist in 2013.

    According to the information he has on hand, Patrick Forgues believes that the process of gradual return has been observed in the case of Mareck Dupuis.

    “This is not a program that is “garroché”. It has been done within the rules of the art, with a gradual return, ” says M. Forgues, adding that he is looking forward to seeing the conclusions of the judicial process. “I have difficulty to get into the head of dangerous driving or negligence. On a gradual return, after what he had lived through, I find it hard to believe that he has taken chances. “

    Accident of September 13, 2017

    • Jean-Lesage Boulevard, just in front of the palace of Justice of Quebec.
    • At around 18: 55, an individual is thrown under the wheels of the truck Mareck Dupuis.
    • The thesis of the voluntary act was confirmed and the driver has not received any blame.
    • Mareck Dupuis had been hospitalized for a severe nervous shock.

    Accident of January 16, 2018

    • At the corner of the boulevard Lacroix and 118e rue in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce.
    • Around 9: 15 p.m., the heavy weight of Mareck Dupuis stamps the car of Anne-Sophie Veilleux.
    • The young woman of 18 years died as the result of the accident and his passenger seriously injured.

    Heavy charges for the accident of January 16,

    Mareck Dupuis is facing charges of :

    • Dangerous driving causing death
    • Criminal negligence causing death
    • Dangerous driving causing bodily harm
    • Criminal negligence causing bodily harm