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Entertainment, Techno 10 July, 2017


The only daughter of Carrie Fisher, Billie Heavy is going to receive the whole of the immense fortune of the heroine of the saga Star Wars estimated to be nearly $ 43 million. A bequest is considerable.

Billie Heavy has lost his mother Carrie Fisher, the interpreter of princess Leia in Star Wars, on the 27th of December last as a result of sleep apnea. We knew that Disney was going to hit the mother lode thanks to an insurance policy gigantic but the question of the succession was left in abeyance. People we learned today that her only child, Billie Lourd, should inherit his immense fortune, estimated at nearly $ 25 million in its entirety. This vast sum includes the bank balances of Carrie Fisher, its luxury cars and its copyright. At the same time, Billie Heavy should also reach some 18 million, the equivalent of the amount of the property of Beverly Hills to his grand-mother, Debbie Reynolds, deceased the day after the death of her own daughter.

Billie Heavy has lived blow to blow two deaths among the people who were most for it. The young actress of the series Scream Queens had confirmed the death of her mother. A few days later, it came out of the silence, publishing a souvenir photo of her surrounded by her mother and her grandmother to testify of his suffering, and to thank his fans for the support they brought. Her boyfriend of the time, Taylor Lautner, said : “This girl is one of the strongest, most courageous people I’ve ever met.”

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