Death of Daniel Malenfant: shock to the world of the canoe to ice

News 14 December, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    A boat had capsized on the river with five passengers on Tuesday, killing one. The victim, Daniel Malenfant, was a rider to be experienced.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 20:16

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 20:16

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    The death of an experienced boater, Wednesday, during an outing in a canoe to ice on the St. Lawrence river has caused a wave of shock in the small community of water sport, where everyone knew Daniel Malenfant, 39 years.

    The victim was paddling on ice for several years and was also the president of the Club of dragon boat of the Capital during the summer season. Browser experienced, Daniel Malenfant was well-known in the small world of the canoe with ice, in shock in the aftermath of the sad incident.

    “While the world knew him. This will be a big blow for the circuit québécois, because we are a small community is woven very tight, ” says Éric Bolduc, seasoned runner.

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    Daniel Malenfant

    Without wanting to be too forward about the circumstances of the accident, Mr. Bolduc reminded that the practice of sport has its share of risk and that, unfortunately, Daniel Malenfant has been a victim. “It is an extreme sport even if we do everything to ensure the safety. As in anything, it is not free of all risks “, says the rider.

    Last attempt

    For his part, the director-general of the association, Catherine Paquin, believes that the rider would have been able to perish in attempting to reach the radio inside the boat. The four persons who accompanied Mr. Malenfant were able to reach the shore, while the victim has spent more than 30 minutes in the icy waters of the river.

    “What I have understood is that Daniel has wanted to get back to the VHF marine radio. I know him well and I know that he was going to do everything to save her world. Security killed him somewhere because he has lost precious time on the boat that was sinking, ” says Ms. Paquin, who wants to organize a parade of canoes on the river in honor of the victim before the start of the season.

    “This is a real practical joker, always up for everything. A real good guy. They will have to do something in his memory, ” sighed her friend.

    Survivor in shock

    One of the four survivors who accompanied Daniel Malenfant at the dark output has given to Radio-Canada have been close to death. Olivier Hubert-Benoit managed to reach the shore by swimming, ending in bare feet, after more than 20 minutes in the water. No longer feel her legs or her arms because of the temperature of the water, he continued to fight against the waves, thinking of his three children.

    The miracle is said, however, pained for his friend, who was never far away from the boat which was sinking. He still can’t understand why the victim did not swam. “The water is back, the canoe sank and we began swimming. I thought everyone had done it, but Daniel did not take swimming as an option “, told Mr. Hubert-Benoit, overwhelmed with emotion.