Death of little Josh: the urgency of the Charles-Lemoyne hospital referred

News 10 July, 2017
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    Monday, 10 July, 2017 14:22

    Monday, 10 July, 2017 14:22

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    The urgency of the Charles-Lemoyne hospital is called into question by the coroner in his report on the death of little Josh who died on 18 February last, and whose case had not been considered a priority by the staff of the hospital centre.

    The emergency must “improve the collection of clinical data at the level of the yard” and “follow the recommendations of the canadian level of triage,” said John Brochu, in its report, obtained exclusively by TVA News.

    “I’m sure that by taking the sooner the antibiotics, it would have saved him,” said Florent Dubois, the father of the toddler, who died a few days before his second birthday.

    “He was so strong. He was in full form, it was bigger than the normal size,” added his mother, Karine Delgado, in tears.

    The parents of little Josh complained to the Charles-Lemoyne hospital, but five months after the disaster, the commissioner for complaints has not yet rendered its report.

    Florent Dubois and Karine Delgado can still take legal action against the hospital in this folder.

    The facts

    Around 8am, 18 February, noting that their son had trouble breathing and that he did not want to eat, Florent Dubois and Karine Delgado went to the emergency of the Charles-Lemoyne hospital with their child.

    “He would say bobo, bobo. He was evil,” had entrusted to TVA News the mother of the small, a few days after his death.

    To 8: 10, Josh has been seen in triage and the nurse felt it was P3, a case that is not very urgent. The cases judged as P3 should be seen in the next 30 minutes, otherwise they must be re-evaluated.

    “The patient comes of falling asleep in the stroller. Respect sleep,” noted one nurse at 8h52.

    For three hours, the young patient has not been re-evaluated by the staff of the hospital.

    According to the coroner’s report, a note written at 11 suggests that the toddler has been seen by a doctor, but although it is suspected that he suffers from pneumonia, vital signs of the little Josh are not recorded.

    Around 12: 30, an external in pediatrics notes that a child shows signs of distress.

    This is only around 15h that a pediatrician is going to take Josh in charge. In addition to having difficulty breathing, the child has skin lesions, and the abdomen distended.

    Too little too late, Josh is transported to 21h to Sainte-Justine’s hospital where his death will be recorded to 22: 40.