Death of the boxer Jake LaMotta, immortalized in “Raging Bull”

Sport 24 September, 2017

Photo: Chris O’meara Associated Press
Jake LaMotta, a former champion middle-weight

Jake LaMotta, the former champion of the weight means, whose life was described in the film Raging Bull, has died at the age of 95 years.


His fiancee, Denise Baker, said that LaMotta died Tuesday in a hospital in the area of Miami due to complications from pneumonia.


The Bronx Bull (the Bull of the Bronx), as he was known during his career, has compiled a list of 83-19-4 with 30 K.-O.


LaMotta has fought Sugar Ray Robinson six times, causing him to suffer his first defeat. He has lost the title of middleweight in what was to become the massacre of the St. Valentine’s day.


In his fight previous, LaMotta had retained the championship in a fight that had the look of a film script against Laurent Dauthuille. Dominated for most of the fight, LaMotta took the K. O. to the aspirant with 13 seconds on the clock.


LaMotta has deliberately lost against Billy Fox, which he has admitted in testimony before a us Senate committee. He said that he had been promised a return fight for a title.


On 16 June 1949, LaMotta won the world championship middleweight against Frenchman Marcel Cerdan, unable to continue the fight in the 10th round.


The movie Raging Bull in 1980 was based on the life of LaMotta. Actor Robert De Niro won the Oscar for best actor.