Defaulting users of cameras: regulations without biting into the CHSLD

News 14 February, 2018
  • Elisa Cloutier

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018 17:59

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 18:07

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    Residents or families who do not comply with the new regulations surrounding the installation of surveillance cameras in NURSING homes will not be penalised.

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    Even if the government announced a new regulation regarding the monitoring mechanisms in NURSING homes, this practice was already legal, whether in private residences, intermediate, or in a CHSLD.

    “From the moment it is the living environment of the person, it can put a surveillance camera, we have not decided that it was legal, it was,” said Marc Lapointe, press attaché to the minister responsible for Seniors, Francine Charbonneau, who was not available to answer questions from the Newspaper.


    Thus, the government “strongly suggest” to users of these cameras not to publish the images on social networks, but it may not punish the residents wrongdoers, if any.

    “We can’t prevent it, since the images belong to the person [who owns the camera],” added Mr. Lapointe. The department proposes, instead, in the case of abuse, contact the police or report to the contact person designated by the CHSLD deal with the case of oversight mechanisms.

    Residents or their guardians will thus be able to purchase the device of their choice and use it as they see fit, provided that: “the objective of the camera is not fixed that the living environment of the person concerned “.

    Not to “spy on” agents

    However, without regulation in this direction, the ministry of the Family hope that this practice will not be used to ” spy on or watch the resident real-time “. “We don’t want that it means to denounce the work of the clerks, which in 99 % of the time are doing a great job “, he adds.

    Despite all, it is for this reason that Michel Boucher “seriously considering” to install a camera in the room of his sister, 58 years old, who remains in a CHSLD in Quebec city. According to him, since she has narrated in our pages in 2015 that they have not received a shower in two years, she is the victim of intimidation on the part of some employees.

    “It is that she does not want to lodge a complaint, they put it in her room and she can not get out. This is not physical, but psychological, ” said his brother.