Défilé de la Saint-Patrick: the transport recommended by the authorities

News 17 March, 2018
  • Photo Mathieu Belanger, Journal de Québec

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 16:11

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 16:11

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    Festival-goers who want to go to the parade, the St. Patrick’s day Sunday are encouraged to use public transport because of the many obstacles on the road.

    The City of Montreal expects more than 40 000 people from noon to 15 pm, Sunday, for the 195th défilé de la Saint-Patrick, who stands at the center of the city of Montreal.

    Exceptionally, the parade, St. Patrick’s day will be held this year on the boulevard De Maisonneuve West, due to construction on the Sainte-Catherine.

    “Floats, marching bands, and extras will depart at 12 h Of de Maisonneuve boulevard, at the corner of rue City Councillors, in a western direction up to Mackay street. The parade will then head south to René-Lévesque boulevard West. The parade will end around 15: 30,” said the City.

    Closed roads and areas to avoid

    • Closure of the rue Sainte-Catherine between Mansfield and De Bleury
    • Complete closure of highway 20, between exit 62 (1st Avenue, avenue Saint-Pierre) and the entrance to the boulevard Angrignon
    • Partial closure of 1 lane on 2, in the access ramp to highway 13 south to highway 20 east / 32nd Avenue
    • Complete closure of the highway 136 / highway a-720 east (toward downtown), between the Turcot interchange and the entrance to the street of Our Lady / the Cathedral, in the Ville-Marie tunnel
    • Complete closure of highway 720 / highway 136 / highway 20 in the westbound direction between exit 5 in the Ville-Marie tunnel (boulevard Robert-Bourassa, highway 10 Bonaventure / Champlain bridge) and the entrance to the 1st Avenue (after the heat exchanger of Saint-Pierre) in the borough of Lachine.
    • Complete closure of highway 10 east (towards the Champlain bridge), between exit 4 (boulevard Gaétan-Laberge, highway 15 North) and the Island of the Sisters,
    • Complete closure of exit 61 (Atwater avenue) A-15 SOUTH from Friday 22 p.m. to Monday, 5 h.